Sisyphus is available on Netflix! If you want to know everything about the season 2 premiere, read on! Dramas like Sisyphus and Vincenzo are one of the most popular K-Drama series. They are not only popular in their country, South Korea, but also all over the world. Since then, these dramas have been released internationally on the streaming site Netflix. Sisyphus was JTBC’s 10th-anniversary drama special and aired every Wednesday and Thursday on the original JTBC network.

At the end of the first season, Stigma is seen painting in a park, but there is a twist when Stigma opens her diary, and right there is also a poster of Han Tae Sul in the mirror. Will it be repeated? What’s Next? The story can continue from here in the second season. We tell you all about the premiere of season 2 of Sísyphus on Netflix!

What Is The Release Date Of Sisyphus Season 2 On Netflix?

The first season of Sisyphus premiered in full on April 16, 2021, on Netflix in France with 16 episodes of approximately 65 minutes. The filming of the first season began in May 2020 and ended in December of that same year. The renewal of Sisyphus season 2 is expected to be announced soon.

With the delays caused by the pandemic, filming would take a little longer to resume. Considering the ratings and reviews, we strongly believe that Sisyphus should be back for a second season. In that case, the premiere date for Sisyphus season 2 on Netflix should be set for mid-2022.

What Can We Expect From The Sequel?

At the end of the first season, we learn that Seo-he reunites with Tae-sul and they end up together. But the final moments of the episode hint that Sigma might not be dead after all.

If there is a season 2 of Sísyphus, we will know more about Gil-bok and his next move. The journal he keeps has notes on everything, including Asia Mart, Live Tae-san, Quantum and Time, the Uploader, the Control Office, etc. While Seo-hae and Tae-sul seem to have a happy ending, all is well in the world. However, things may not stay that way for long. If the series is chosen for a second season, the plot could pick up where the first ends.