The defeat of Cornella is one of the most painful for Atletico in the Simeone era. It is true that Leon’s hit has similarities but on that occasion. There are several players who had to use the Cup as a springboard and now they are left without the option. and without many more opportunities to show that they have a place in the eleven of gala the rojiblancos.

Times has a player of such talent shown as little as Vitolo has at Atletico. In 2017. He provoked a war with Sevilla in which the Madrilenians triumphed without knowing what more than three years later they were only going to enjoy a drop of immense talent. Sentenced at the club, which has been looking for a way out for several summers, his performance against Cornella once again demonstrated how irrelevant his current moment is. It is no coincidence that he has not participated in the league for five games.


  • He was last, but Kondogbia’s two months of acclimatization have not served him to demonstrate almost anything of what he has taught in his previous teams. He came to Cornella after seven games going out in the second act and two without even doing it we are talking about LaLiga and with games like the Cup, it does not seem that he can put usual midfielders in trouble. And more so when yesterday’s rivals in that plot showed more football and intensity … being Second B players

I GAVE yesterday was another inconsequential game for the full-back. as his importance with Brazil increases his role at Atletico decreases. Someone put a lot of effort into making him a complete player and during some phase of last season. He showed it Nothing to do with the current one, where he has been losing his place with Hermoso and Carrasco’s future as a lane to stay in a footballer of minor games. And with returns like yesterday’s it doesn’t seem like Lodi is going to get out of there. Although it is not true that Arsenal can break his contract the reality is that Torreira is far from being a player who pushes the starters from the medullary. The Uruguayan, of course, cannot be blamed for a lack of intensity but an alarming inability to act as a midfielder with the ability to lead a top team like Atlético. Everything indicates without Copa and with the return of Herrera, that his role will be increasingly residual until the end of his assignment.


unquestionably Saul will continue to have minutes for being one of the captains and veterans of the group but not for a performance that is far from the one that led him to knock down the door of the first team. The youth squad recognized that he is going through a bad moment that is clear on the green. Both he and Simeone have work to do to recover their best version although with the current level of headlines it does not seem easy that it will be in the short term. would not be fair to point out the only homegrown players in the eleven San Roman and Ricard but their performances left doubts. The goalkeeper although he made a good save showed many doubts in the aerial game like the whole team. The winger was wrong to leave his foot on the play that ended in his expulsion. Difficult to see them more in the remainder of the season.