Anime continues to grow in popularity around the world, mainly because of its visual graphics and suspenseful storylines. Anime is hand drawn but uses computer animation to bring the characters to life. The art form originated in Japan and has become a part of Western popular culture since its inception. 

In the cryptocurrency industry, there are tons of categories for coins, from fan tokens to anime protocols. Moreover, entire anime platforms are now available to fans which take advantage of NFTs and promote fan-made designs. 

The general demographic of anime fans are young and affluent. Cryptocurrency shares the same characteristics, so it’s no wonder why anime and crypto go hand in hand. 

Top Anime Tokens 

The biggest Anime coin in space is Otaku Coin. Otaku means a young person who’s obsessed with computers and particular aspects of popular Japanese culture, namely anime. 

Gaming is also an integral factor in Otaku culture, and plenty of NFT games are available to enjoy on the Otaku Coin blockchain. One of these, Isekai Battle, allows you to explore the forest, collect rewards and fight your opponents. 

Pachinko, one of the most popular games in Japan, epitomizes Otaku culture, and today it’s heavily influenced by anime. The visuals and audio make it an enchanting experience. Moreover, many of the titles are available to play at online casinos. You just need to sell your Otaku Coin for ETH or BTC to get started. 

CasinosBlockchain is one platform where you’re able to find safe and transparent online crypto casinos that offer anime-themed titles. Each operator is expertly reviewed, providing key information about which cryptocurrencies are accepted, the library of games, and even the bonus offers available. 

The Otaku Coin Foundation has partnered with leading anime studios to begin new projects where fans can create their own anime artwork and pitch ideas to publishers. The protocol utilizes Binance Smart Chain and even mints NFTs for anime enthusiasts to collect and trade. 

The oldest anime-focused cryptocurrency is Mona Coin, which was founded in January 2014 in Japan. The creator, Mr. Wantanabe is still anonymous to this day, yet he is believed to be Japanese. It was initially created as a gaming coin, but since its inception, it has grown into other genres, one of which is anime. 

Within Japan, you’re able to spend MONA at numerous merchants, online and offline, mainly for gaming and coffee shops. It’s also used as a tipping payment method, which was created by a 17-year-old student at the time. 

Anime Platforms 

Animecoin is the first-ever digital art platform designed for the anime community. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to collect and trade anime NFTs. 

As the platform is built on blockchain, Anime creators have direct access to their fans. Content on Animecoin cannot be counterfeited or duplicated, meaning each piece of artwork sold is unique and original. 

Animecoin has a max supply of 21 billion coins and combines factors from different protocols. The masternode system from DASH has been copied to give miners on the network a decent reward for validating the blockchain. Investors just need 10m Animecoins to stake to become a masternode on the blockchain. 

NFTs for Anime 

As anime is a form of art, NFTs are perfect for fans to create and own unique designs. As reported by JGuru, there are scores of different marketplaces for NFTs, which are built on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, respectively. 

The most expensive piece of digital anime art is the acclaimed Azuki collection. A rare Azuki recently sold for $1.4m on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 

Azuki is a group of anime enthusiasts with the slogan: We rise together. We build together. We grow together. If you purchase an original Azuki, you will have access to The Garden, an exclusive corner of the internet where artists and builders meet to create a decentralized future through anime.