The problems follow one another for the actor. Shia LaBeouf, who was recently charged with assault and theft, is now the subject of a complaint filed by his former girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs. Indeed, the young woman says that the actor would have been violent with her during their relationship which lasted a little less than a year. In his deposition, the artist explains that the hero of Transformers would have thrown him against a car and tried to strangle him. She adds that on a car ride, he took out a gun claiming to have killed stray dogs before to feel what it felt like to take life, to get into the mind of a killer. She goes on to describe the sickly jealousy of the young man who berated her if she did not give him the number of kisses he hoped for. Also according to his statements, Shia LaBeouf was paranoid and slept with a gun because he was afraid of gang members going after him. But his terrible allegations do not end there. The interpreter of “sad day” outbid by admitting that her ex-boyfriend would have voluntarily given him a sexually transmitted disease. FKA Twigs insists that she is not suing the actor for the money but to warn other women that he is harming them.

Faced with these overwhelming accusations against him, Shia LaBeouf who has already gone through prison, reacted quickly. In a statement published in the New York Times, the comedian admitted some of his wrongs by confiding: “Although many of these allegations are not true, I am not in a position to defend my actions. I owe these women the opportunity to disclose their statements publicly and to accept responsibility for the things I have done. As a person on the road to recovery, I have to deal with the things I said or did when I was drinking almost every day. It has always been easy for me to accept my wrongs when my behavior made me look bad, but it is much harder to accept that I may have caused such pain to other people. I cannot rewrite history. I can only accept it and work to improve myself in the future. I am writing this as a sober member of a Twelve Step program and in therapy for my many weaknesses. I am not cured of my post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism but I am determined to do what Case to be continued.