Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character of a detective with inhuman deduction skills and above-average military skills in combat. With his partner John Watson, a vet from the Afghan war, they set out on various life-threatening adventures. They are known and feared across Europe. Their address is 221b Baker Street, London, and people still send letters on this address in the hope, that someone can solve their mysteries. Up until season 4, the fanbase they’ve created is unparalleled. Moreover, the twists and the storyline is so crisp that it’s nearly impossible to tear away your gaze from the screen during the show.

The News

The greatest duo of our fantasies, Sherlock Holmes and his partner John B. Watson doesn’t have bad blood between them, and that’s the reason why the fifth season was held for such a long term. The fans despaired that their relationship is going to break down such a unique piece of art of a franchise.

The rumours have been around that the fifth season is not going to come, but fear not dear readers, there’s no official word or announcement on the cancellation of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Moreover, there are many mysteries left out to be explained in the fourth season. So you can expect it to the air around late 2021.

The Reasons

The detective duo already had some feud, and then one day Benedict Cumberbatch called t.he actions of Martin Freeman as ‘Pathetic’, which sparked the flame of war between them. Fans were left speechless and from then on the relationship only worsened. Most of us even lost hope for a next season as the events unfolded but there was no pen and paper confirmation from the officials.

About Season 5

The means Sherlock Period 4 ended makes the collection noticeable to return with period 5. Sherlock Season 5 will, certainly, be wrapping up Eleanor Matsuura’s personality Detective Inspector Stella Hopkins. The brand-new season will also have Eurus Holmes, Sherlock’s sibling, that was seen in season 4. So, even though it’ll take some time, the show will be back, and it’ll be back with a blast. So many mysteries are yet to be unfolded, so, hope and pray that the co-stars solve their feud as soon as possible.