Sharoz Dawa

Mr. Sharoz Dawa says that the first thing that thumps our minds when we think about education is gaining knowledge. Education is a tool that renders people with awareness, Consciousness, skill, technique, information, enables them to know their rights and duties approaching their family, society as well as the nation. It increases vision and vision to see the world. It explains the skills to fight against injustice, violence, corruption, and many other bad factors in society.

Sharoz Dawa Affirms the Role of Education in Society

He says Education is the social custom through which society gives its members with important knowledge, including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms values.

One of the most powerful benefits of education is that it improves individual lives and helps society to run smoothly. By providing literacy, poverty can be killed and every person can contribute their contribution to advancing the country.

Sharoz Dawa repeats an educated person is more likely to generate better moral and ethical values as compared to an uneducated person. Lack of knowledge creates problems like superstition, domestic violence, poor health, and poor living standards. Education delivers an equal opportunity for both men and women and educated people will be able to create a better society. Without good training, a better society can’t be formed. In India many students wanted to know How to become IPS Officer, you can check the iaspaper website to get all information related to IPS. By launching SharozDawa and Sandeep Kumar’s aims to produce the best possible Trustworthy Information on Education Globally with Accuracy using the Incisive Edge Innovative Technology to help the students & Aspirants to get their vision Institute/University / College to try their desired course to fulfill their Career Goal. Recently, SharozDawa launched youtube channel name India Advance Studies. You can go and watch latest videos