WWE has already recorded the special program on the occasion of the day of the Republic of India, Superstar Spectacle. A show that has featured the debut of several wrestlers from the country has confirmed the journalist Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com exclusively.

Johnson has first claimed that it was his first real fight. There will be a number of NXT talents from India who will have their first match as part of the broadcast and we are told that overall the producers of the show were really happy with how well they did,  he explained.

The main idea of ​​the show was to combine that novice and inexperienced talent with seasoned fighters from the main roster. Despite this, the initial plan could not be done: record the event for several days to compensate if there were any problems with the fighters, but they decided to do it all followed.

The intention, Johnson explains is to empower the Indian wrestlers on television for the public in his country with an eye to a possible new program focused on Indian talents, such as NXT UK.