Selena Gomez harshly criticized Facebook as a platform full of misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines

Selena Gomez lashed out at Facebook on Twitter, accusing it of potentially being responsible for thousands of deaths, due to the continuous misinformation about vaccines against COVID-19 that is popular on the social network. The singer shared a video of Imran Ahmed, the CEO of Center for Countering Digital Hate, on the social network of the bluebird, adding her point of view.

In the clip, Ahmed talks about how big tech companies are leaking information about COVID-19. In particular, the CEO questions Facebook’s previous claim that it said it was removing all misinformation regarding the pandemic. The social had explained the intent to remove any content that could physically harm someone. Ahmed claims that his task force has found that Facebook is not moving on with the removal of posts, as he argued preemptively.

The video explains that out of 1000 examples of misinformation, volunteers reported that only 5% had been removed. According to Ahmed, these social media companies claim to do the best they can, but in reality, they do nothing.

But here’s what Selena Gomez wrote when she shared the video on Twitter.

Selena Gomez harshly criticizes Facebook and the widespread misinformation on the social network

On Twitter, sharing the video that aired on the BBC, Selena Gomez wrote.

Selena Gomez expressed her opinion not only as a responsible citizen but also as a person who has always fought to preserve the health of the weakest. For several years, the singer has been diagnosed with a very serious disease, lupus, which resulted in a kidney donation operation by her best friend. For this reason, on social media, she is always careful to talk about these things, as well as paying attention to mental health, as she did when she participated in the production of Thirteen.

But the news does not end there.