Japanese wrestler Sareee, who reported her signing with WWE in February last year, has confirmed that she will travel to the United States next week to join the Performance Center. In turn, he has reported that his last fight in Japan will take place on January 22 at SEAdLINNNG.

It was delayed a year due to the coronavirus, but I have decided to go to the United States as soon as the final procedures with WWE are finished, My last meeting in Japan will be on January 22 at SEAdLINNNG. I hope you can join us for my last appearance at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. We have a lot to offer. Afterward, I will start preparing to go to the United States. This period in which my arrival was postponed was not planned. Still, I have had many valuable experiences, made new friends, and had a great time. I appreciate your unconditional support, it has been a great experience. Thank you very much for everything. Saree

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sareee’s trip to the United States has been complicated in recent months. She was originally scheduled to travel in March 2020 but was unable to do so. In August, he obtained special permission from WWE to compete in Japan.

At 23, Sareee remains at the top of the world of Japanese pro-wrestling. She began her career in 2011, training under the tutelage first of Kyoko Inoue and later of Kyoko Hamaguchi at the Animal Hamaguchi dojo and Kaoru Ito at Diana. Sareee’s career began with standout duels against such legends as Meiko Satomura, Aja Kong, and Manami Toyota, winning her first titles at JWP and Pure-J. In 2015, he took two months off due to his health. In 2017 he left Diana to sign with SEAdLINNNG, a promotion of Nanae Takahashi, in which he lasted 7 months to end up returning to Diana. Saree has become a benchmark on the Japanese scene, with outstanding appearances.