Jane Austen wrote Sanditon. This novel was not completed because Jane fell Ill and could not complete it. Jane Austen was an English novelist of exceptional quality. She was most well-known for six novels: Sense and sensibility. Pride and Prejudice. Mansfield Park. Emma. Northanger Abbey. Persuasion. Sanditon was unfortunately not her final novel.

Her plots are mainly about women and their dependence on marriage for stability. How a woman depends on marriage to maintain her social standing, and how that affects her economic situation.

What Happened In Sanditon Season 1?

This series is about Charlotte Heywood. She is the eldest child of a country gentleman. The play opens with a description of a carriage accident. The carriage was carrying Mr. and Mrs. Parker. The mishap had caused serious injuries to Mr. Parker. They take refuge at Heywood’s until the carriage can be moved and Mr. Parker is ready to travel.

Mr. Parker talks about Sanditon during his stay with the Heywoods. It was once a fishing village. Now it is a town. Lady Denham, Mr. Parker’s business partner, and he are working hard on transforming Sandition into an attractive seaside resort.

It was a creditable effort by the Parkers, Sanditon now boasts several amenities including bathing machines. His family was also building a house near the coast. He invites Charlotte as his guest after he has recovered.

Charlotte, upon arriving at the Parkers, meets Lady Denham. She learns that she is a twice-married woman who has received a substantial amount from her first husband, and a title and some money from her second husband. Clara, her niece, is a sweet, beautiful young lady. After a while, the Parkers made Charlotte feel at home and introduced her to neighbors. They are still surprised that two Parker brothers and their Parker sister arrive at their house without notice.

Sanditon receives an unexpected visitor. Sidney Parker is the second-eldest Parker brother and he arrived in a carriage. He arrived in town to spend some time with his two best friends. They were planning to join him soon.

Sidney looks great, has an admirable sense of fashion, and is probably in his mid-20s. But, here’s what happens: Charlotte falls for Sidney. At first, she shuns him. Sidney eventually confesses to Charlotte. But can Sidney and Charlotte make it work?

What Will Happen In Sanditon Season 2?

Season 2 will see Charlotte, Sanditon’s high-spirited heroine. Her story would be romantic, exciting, and heartwarming. The show will feature familiar faces as well as new characters. Each character will have an exciting, thrilling journey filled with surprises and adventures. Sidney might not be back, but there will still be romance. We can’t wait for that.

When Will It Be Released?

Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger, in 2019. Sanditon season 2 is expected to be released at the end of 2019. Although there is no date yet.

Sanditon Season 2 Cast

Tomorrow Parker, our lead actress, will join us, along with other prominent members of season one. Theo James who played Sidney Parker may not be returning to the show.

As far as we know, seasons two and three are confirmed. The trick is, will season three end the story? Or will it continue?