WWE superstar Roman Reigns made a series of statements for the web portal Bleacher Report. During the session, The Tribal Chief spoke about the new venue for WrestleMania 37, the origin of his new character, and the creation of a new entrance theme. Next, his statements.

Roman Reigns reacts to Tampa as WrestleMania 37 venue

One of the biggest things about WrestleMania and WWE is the relationship we establish with the communities where we play. It was a hard blow to lose the Tampa crowd last year, and even without participating in that show, I can say that it affected enough the talent and the company.

This year it will be what it has to be due to the pandemic. We hope to have a kind of live audience, perhaps following the same protocols as the NFL or some other sports league. The safety of the fans that entering the venue is important to us.

The Tribal Chief explains the reasons for his change to rude

I wanted to do something a little different. Being that Superman cannot be stopped or questioned is very comfortable, but we are in a different time. These are not the times of Stone Cold or Dwayne. The Internet has become a massive communication tool, and it’s easy to get into your social media and find so much toxicity.

To me, that was the obvious path. I didn’t want to sound like I was reading a Twitter post, so I opted to add more realism and cynicism. more conservative audiences are capable of getting angry easily. I wanted fans to hate the circumstances and lifestyle of the guy at the top of the business.

Roman Reigns will have a new theme song in the future

We’re working on it. It’s not easy, as a character like mine needs a very specific sound. It’s not just hiring a rapper or creating a sequence on the guitar. At first, I wasn’t really sure about using The Shield’s music. but I managed to accommodate to it over the years.

Now I need to move towards something new in a section as recognizable for a fighter as his entry music. It will take time, but we are constantly working on it so be patient.