Well, well, well Riverdale fans, it looks like The CW is about to be the network that is constantly on its grind. We thought with 5B of this season creeping its way onto the channel in August, lovers would not be seeing the sixth season of this series in the autumn, but it seems like The CW has other plans.

We’re going to be returning to the town of pep after season 5 takes its final bow considerably sooner than we anticipated. Not that we are complaining. The more time we invest in this aged upward Riverdale the better.

Though with reports falling news of a 5-episode occasion blowing our way together with all the Riverdale season 6 premiere, we’re more than just a little anxious to see season 5 will wrap up and create space for the sixth season.

Here is what we know so far about the next season of Riverdale.

Riverdale season 6 release date on Netflix

Even though Riverdale’s fifth season will likely hit Netflix much later than we’re utilized to, we could almost expect the season 6 Netflix release date to return to some semblance of normalcy. At the very least, it will begin streaming around the same time that we’re utilized to.

Following season 5’s streaming debut one week after its finale this fall, Riverdale season 6 will also begin streaming on Netflix one week article its inaugural finale.

Considering that the season premieres on Nov. 16, a month later than its usual October bow, expect the Netflix release date to be pushed back one month to June 2022. On the other hand, the season might arrive in late May depending upon the season’s scheduling.

Riverdale Season 6

Riverdale season 6 cast

As long as everyone makes it out of Riverdale season 5 alive, we are expecting the main and supporting cast to go back for the sixth season of the sequence.

Riverdale season 6 synopsis

As season 5 hasn’t stopped broadcasting, we won’t know what dastardly whodunit season 6 will treat Riverdale fans too, but we do know we are prepared for still another puzzle to solve. How that will form into a 5-episode event remains unclear but we’ve got our hopes to get a crossover with Katy Keene and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Riverdale season 6 trailer

A trailer has yet to be released for Riverdale season 6, but we’re expecting this year’s glimpse is going to be extra special. A 5-episode event means we’re getting some sort of showstopping, iconic level of a very first look. We just cannot wait until we are allowed in on what the cast and crew have in store for viewers!