At the time when the disaster in Uttarakhand was taking a terrible form, Rishabh Pant was giving the right direction to his struggle against England, miles away. He was breaking down on England bowlers. It was raining. They did not even know that during this effort for the country, a new catastrophe in their home state Uttarakhand is also terrorizing people. Taking many lives He was informed about this when the game ended in Chennai. In the first Test of the series, Pant’s first innings against England came to an end.

Rishabh Pant scored 91 runs in 88 balls, including 9 fours and 5 sixes, in the first match of the Test series being played in Chennai. Pant’s innings in the first innings of the Chennai Test, Team India’s deteriorated to a large extent. After the news of the Uttarakhand disaster, he has now made a similar effort to deal with it. In fact, due to the bursting of glaciers in Uttarakhand, there was a sudden flood in the rivers, in which many people went missing and many lost their lives. Relief and rescue work is in full swing.

Pant Expressed Condolences To Disaster Affected People

Rishabh Pant, playing a Test match in Chennai, became restless as soon as the news of the devastation in Uttarakhand was reported. His mind started to be curious. He shared his uneasiness on social media. He tweeted and expressed condolences to the victims of the disaster and his family. Also, the hope of relief and rescue work will be in full swing. Pant wrote in a tweet, “My deepest condolences to the people affected by the flash floods in Uttarakhand. Hopefully, the rescue work will be going on vigorously and people will be helped. ”

Will Donate Match Fees For Chennai Test

Rishabh Pant may have played cricket for Delhi but from the heart, he is Uttarakhandi. In such a situation, how could he accept his mind with a tweet? How his heart could entertain itself by knowing the condition of its people and expressing its condolences. And when he came to know that not only people were affected by the disaster but many lives have also been lost, he became sadder. So, a few hours later, he made another tweet, in which he announced to donate the fee for the Chennai Test match to fight the disaster. Pant wrote in his second tweet, “I am deeply saddened by the death of people in Uttarakhand.” I want to donate my match fees for rescue work and helping people. ”

Team India Overcome Crisis, Now Uttarakhand’s Turn

When Pant’s footsteps in Chennai Test were on the Chennai pitch, Team India’s first innings was in trouble. In response to England’s 578 runs, their top 4 wickets had fallen to just 73 runs. In such a situation, it was Pant’s struggle with Pujara that helped India cross 200 runs. Both batsmen added 119 runs for the 5th wicket. When Pant returned to the pavilion, 225 runs were added for 6 wickets on India’s scoreboard. Hopefully, the step of donating his match fees, in the same way, will now help in dealing with the Uttarakhand disaster as well.