On the last episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Riddle earned a title shot for the United States Championship. The Original Bro defeated MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander in a Gauntlet Match and earned the right to face Bobby Lashley on a date to be confirmed.

This afternoon, Riddle has used his social networks to make clear what his intentions are. The former NXT Tag Team Champion has stated that he would like to face Lashley in The Fight Pit and has asked Triple H how he can make this idea a reality.

Triple H. Who do I have to call to be able to beat Bobby Lashley in The Fight Pit for the United States Championship? Were his words.

The Fight Pit Has Been An Exclusive Stipulation Of Nxt

To date, The Fight Pit has been an exclusive combat modality of NXT that is characterized by being the ring inside a cage with a platform on top.

In the first match held in the yellow and black brand, Timothy Thatcher defeated, precisely, Matt Riddle before ‘The Original Bro’ was transferred to the main roster. In mid-January, Thatcher beat Tommaso Ciampa in the second fight held under this stipulation.