On the latest episode of Friday Night, SmackDown Sami Zayn was kept chained to the side of the catwalk for much of the show, demanding justice and remembering that he is the rightful Intercontinental champion.

A few hours ago, RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali, on behalf of his team, strongly supported the cause and replied to a Tweet from Zayn saying that “RETRIBUTION supports Sami Zayn.

The Tweet generated a stir among fans who began to speculate about a possible alliance between RETRIBUTION and Sami Zayn, they have even asked Ali what name the former Intercontinental champion would have if he joined the team. T-Bar taking Ali’s place, replied something generic referring to the old masked character that Sami used in the independent scene El Generico.

While Sami seeks to recover the Intercontinental Championship that is currently in the hands of Big E RETRIBUTION is starring in a rivalry against the rest of the members of The New Day. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. In 2019, Ali was about to participate in Elimination Chamber but an injury prevented him from competing and he was replaced by Kingston. Thanks to that match, Kofi began the history of KofiMania which led to him being crowned WWE champion at WrestleMania.

We remember that Kofi Kingston is currently injured and RETRIBUTION seeks to hurt Woods with the aim of emotionally breaking the former WWE champion.