Be careful because from now on you can find anything while browsing the RRSS.
A new leak hits Resident Evil 8 Village, which is gradually seeing how some of its information is published ahead of the time throughout the Internet. Now it is not simple gameplay or a scene, since this time it seems to concern a whole fight against a boss of the game, who may be traveling the network.

Just today -in a fact a few hours ago- January 26, a brief fragment of Resident Evil 8 a gameplay appeared on YouTube, but it didn’t go much further. That has been due to the quick action of Capcom, which has been extremely quick to remove the video from the platform. It could seem that this leaked segment is an extended sequence from Resident Evil 8 Village that was already leaked in December, since as you will recall Capcom was the victim of a ransomware attack.

When the company did not accept the blackmail of the hackers, various sections in the development of the game was published on the network, including one a boss in particular. It seems that it is this same boss who has resurfaced today in an extended version, so if you are looking forward to the new installment of Capcom survival we recommend being very careful when browsing different sites. Especially for RRSS -Reddit despite its layer of spoilers, Twitter, Facebook- and various video sites such as YouTube.