Dani Ceballos assured in an interview with Efe that young players like Martin Odegaard and himself have goals and objectives and that what they need is to play regularly.

The player on loan from Real Madrid spoke of the Norwegian midfielder after he was not called up for the Copa del Rey and asked to be transferred due to lack of minutes. Ceballos, who experienced a similar situation in the white club, spoke on the subject.

I can tell you about what happened to me in Madrid. I don’t know exactly what happens with Martin, but it is obvious that any player who wants to succeed at Madrid is going to grab the opportunity he has, he said. the Arsenal midfielder.

I don’t know what Martin thinks, but I know mine and I think that when you’re young and you have goals and objectives, what you need is to play regularly and if you don’t, it’s like something is missing. I guess that’s what it is. what’s happening to Martin, he added.

Ceballos believes that he can still succeed at Real Madrid. He talks about what would have to happen so that next summer he decided to stay: They don’t have to tell me anything. It would be to have a talk with the coach and the coaching staff that is in at that moment and know that I will have equal opportunities with him. other players. From then on you have to earn it on the field.

On Bale: It is very difficult to have a quick adaptation

Ceballos also spoke about Gareth Bale, saying that the Premier League is now a completely different league” and that the Welshman is not having a quick adaptation. Bale, who is on loan to Tottenham Hotspur for this season, is barely counting in Jose Mourinho’s plans and most of his performances have come in the Europa League. It’s not easy,” Ceballos said when asked about Bale’s season.

Gareth’s return has been good for both of them, but when he was here seven years ago the league was completely different. I could give you the case of Thomas Party and Fabinho, when he arrived at Liverpool, they are players who arrive and They know that it is a very physical league, but when you start to play they realize that it is twice as physical. It is very difficult to adapt quickly and I think that may be happening to Gareth, said the Utrera.