• Know what was special in Raw’s episode this week
  • This week, Raw’s episode was full of fierce bouts.

Raw’s episode proved overwhelming. WWE started off with a good segment and proved to be tremendous. Well, let’s talk about the consequences of Raw’s episode.

– Moment of Bliss segment at the beginning of Raw

In the Moment of Bliss segment, Alexa Bliss summons Randy Orton. Orton came and cut the promo and talked about Brady Wyatt. He said that he knows Wyatt but The Find is a big challenge for him. Shortly after, the lights went off and Orton lifted Bliss into his lap. The Find entered and were terrified to see Alexa on Orton’s lap. He landed Bliss from there and Orton left the ring in so long. Find and Orton kept staring at each other.

– Elias vs Jeff Hardy (Symphony of Destruction Match) in Raw

The match started well and the two were fighting at ringside. It was during this time that Elias decided to use the piano. They opened it but R-Truth was sitting inside hiding. He stepped out of fear and came backstage to chase the superstar’s 24/7 champion, during which Elias and Jeff also attacked him. Well, the match progressed. There was a moment during the match when Elias suffered a tremendous electric shock and was taken advantage of by Jeff Hardy. He defeated Ilyas by placing Swanton Bombs on the table.

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Result: Jeff Hardy wins

Raw saw Keith Lee backstage and  Riddle’s segment. Riddle kept speaking but Keith Lee kept going from there for so long.

The segment of Retribution was seen where he tried to tell Slapjack better than Ricochet.

– Ricochet vs Slapjack in Raw

Both were tremendous high-flying superstars. Because of this, the match was good from the beginning where Slapjack did well, including Ricochet. There was a time in the match when Ali called his teammates but Ricochet overcame them. After some time Dana Brooke is slapped on Ali standing at ringside. Well, the match continued and a lot of interference was seen. In the end, Slapjack applied his finisher and went on to win.

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Result: Slapjack wins

– Miz TV segment in Raw

The Miz and John Morrison called Sheamus. The two tried to provoke Sheamus against Drew McIntyre. She said that Sheamus is jealous of the WWE Champion. John and Miz tried hard to convince them but they were not successful. Sheamus then attacks both superstars but is not successful as Miz smashes Sheamus with the help of a Money in the Banks briefcase.

Raw appeared backstage with Lana and Asuka.

– Lana and Asuka vs Shayna Bazzler and Naya Jax in Raw

Shayna Bazzler and Nia Jax had the upper hand from the start of the match. The match progressed well. There were good moves and finishers between the two teams. In the end, Shayna Bazzler implicated Lana in her submission but Asuka attacked Shayna. Lana takes advantage of this and wins by pinning the badger.

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Result: Asuka and Lana win

Raw saw backstage sagas of backstage Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. He talked about defeating The Miz and John Morrison.

– Cedric Alexander Vs Xavier Woods in Raw

Promos of both superstars were seen before the match. The match was excellent and both tag team stars impressed everyone in this singles match. Many tremendous moves and finishers were seen. Finally, Cedric applied his finisher and defeated Xavier Woods.

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Result: Cedric wins

Cedric left after the match, while MVP and Shelton Benjamin stood in the ring. He was shocked to see this thing.

Backstage AJ Styles and his teammates were talking in Raw but Riddle entered there. He enraged AJ Styles.

– Keith Lee vs AJ Styles vs Riddle in Raw (Sudden Death Match to get WWE Championship match)

The match proved to be tremendous. All three superstars performed better from the beginning. Despite this Keith Lee impressed the most. The match was long and each star got a chance to show his talent. Keith Lee and Riddle did impress after the superb action but AJ Styles used his experience. He won with the help of Finominal Forearm.

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Result: AJ Styles wins

Raw has interviewed backstage The Miz and John Morrison. During this time he talked about Sheamus.

– Raw in Reckoning vs Danna Brooke

The match did not last long. Both superstars showed tremendous action. During this, Ali’s interference was also seen. There was an attempt to distract Danna Brooke but she took advantage of it and defeated Reckoning with the help of a roll-up. Ali looked very angry.

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Result: Danna Brooke Wins

Backstage in Raw, The Miz and John Morrison met AJ Styles. The Miz asks AJ Styles to help cash the contract. Styles said yes without thinking and in response said that it would be easier to defeat Miz in TLC than Drew.

Riddle and MVP appeared together backstage. Riddle taunts Lashley here. During this time Riddle again gave the idea of ​​business to MVP. Bobby Lashley arrives and smashes Riddle. Keith Lee and Sheamus’ backstage segment was seen.

-Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs The Miz and John Morrison

It was very difficult to stop Drew and Sheamus from the beginning. Well, AJ Styles was on commentary and his interference brought Miz and Morrison back into the match. Many tremendous moves were seen. There was a slight rift between Sheamus and Drew, but still, their performance was good. In the end, AJ Styles interfered and put a phenomenal forearm on Drew McIntyre. This ended the match with DQ.

Result: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus win DQ

After the match, AJ Styles asked The Miz to cash-in. During this, there was a debate between them, but they agreed to it. Well, Drew rebounds and attacks Miz-Morrison. AJ Styles escaped in the meantime.

This ended Raw’s episode.