Former ECW wrestler Raven has given an interview for ‘Scheduled for Two Falls’ to talk about his career and the current situation in wrestling. In the conversation, there was a moment to talk about his relationship with the president of WWE, Vince McMahon with whom he does not have a good relationship.

Raven has explained that this is due to her good relationship with Shane McMahon and his character in WWF. Johnny Polo. It’s not what I wanted to do. It was not me. Shane McMahon should have been Johnny Polo he explained when he was about to talk about his relationship with Vince.

“It’s true, we got along badly.

Shane and I used to be close friends, he hung out with me every night, but we broke up. Apparently, Vince and Linda didn’t really like me and I also didn’t speak to them very well on occasion. They thought that I was kissing his ass to improve my career in WWE, he explained.

The fighter has also remembered his time in WCW, wherewith the name of Scotty Flamingo he won the light heavyweight title and forged a great friendship with Brian Pillman. Raven recalled how they prepared the promos for the public.

It was so much fun,

he Steve Austin and I used to put on promos together and we called each other the comedy trio. Pillman had the most amazing vocabulary in wrestling because he could get words out of his ass.