• The Viper claims a new victim in the last moments of the red show
  • The moment occurred off-camera after the show’s broadcasts ended

During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts via the USA Network, superstar Randy Orton set Alexa Bliss’s body on fire off-camera .

This week’s episode of RAW saw a special edition of “Alexa’s Playground.” Host Alexa Bliss called Randy Orton to “play on her patio,” but the wrestler showed up inside the Firefly FunHouse . “The Viper” began to destroy everything in its path, provoking the ire of Alexa who decided to place a surprise challenge for the end of the show.

In the last moments of the episode, Alexa Bliss gave her rival a lighter and gasoline. Bray Wyatt’s partner bathed in the flammable liquid and asked Randy Orton to repeat the same thing he did to “The Fiend” on TLC. “The Viper” refused at first, but Bliss’s insistence managed to convince him. As the lights dimmed indicating the presence of “The Fiend,” Orton struck a match and looked at the camera before the transmission was cut off completely.

Alexa Bliss warned Randy Orton that the Fiend is still alive

Last week, Randy Orton reappeared in front of the cameras for the first time since the Firefly Inferno Match . “The Viper” described his difficult experience when facing “The Fiend” in a one-on-one, and clarified that despite having been a complicated challenge, he enjoyed every second when he scorched the body of his rival . Orton declared Bray Wyatt a dead threat, and proclaimed himself the true living hell of the company.

However, Alexa Bliss appeared in the ring on a swing and clarified that The Fiend had not disappeared after suffering that attack at TLC. Bray Wyatt’s partner clarified that the fire only sent the creature “back home” and it was only a matter of time before it returned to WWE in order to get revenge on Randy Orton. This week on RAW, Bliss toyed with the possibility that “The Fiend” will return in the special episode of Legends to be held next week.