Madrid’s life without Ramos is difficult and will be for a long time. After knowing that it will go through the operating room the white team faces the longest period without its great captain. For the month that he has almost been sick approximately two more months will be added after the intervention to correct the meniscus problem in his left knee. A situation that raises many questions. Ramo’s operation comes in one of the most difficult moments for the player at Real Madrid, out of combat and in the middle of the ‘battle’ for his renewal. He sows more doubts about his future in the Whites and the team’s performance without their great captain on the pitch in an already complicated season after the umpteenth crisis of results

From Real Madrid taking advantage of Ramos’ convalescence, the player will appear almost in April without renewing while he recovers from the injury. It’s a more limited contractual situation even though other Ramos renewals have already generated tension and a lot of wear and tear between both parties. Ramos ends his contract on June 30 and in the middle of the negotiations and injury arrives that a priori further complicates the situation. While waiting for events Sergio’s break may finish cooling the negotiations for the renewal while waiting for him to return to Zidane’s orders or accelerate them without both parties deciding to bring positions closer to taking advantage of the captain’s truce.

In sports, the consequences seem clearer because there is already a history of how much Madrid has suffered when it has not been able to count on its captain. Without going any further, this same season in which Ramos already accumulated several absences in which the results reflected the importance of the white captain in the team. Three of the four casualties that Ramos has suffered so far this season have had negative consequences for Real Madrid. There are already five defeats for the white team with Sergio knocked out. Five of 10 games that the captain has missed six in the League three in the Champions League, and one in the Cup and that will be many more.

On October 17, he suffered a knee contusion against Cadiz that forced him to be at half-time. Madrid would end up losing that game (they already lost 0-1 with Sergio on the field) and also the next one against Shakhtar in which the captain was also dismissed due to said physical problem. In November he suffered a muscle injury that took him out of combat for three weeks. He missed five games of which Madrid only won two (Inter and Sevilla). They fell to Alavés and Shakhtar and drew against Villarreal. For the second time, Madrid was sinking without its leader on the field. The white team did manage to save the furniture in the third low of Ramos. Some stomach discomfort at the beginning of January made him miss Celta’s league visit, a commitment that Madrid took out (2-0). The same would not happen in this last loss, the one that has him on leave since last January 14, and that will finally force him to go through the operating room. Since then, three games, two losses, and one victory.