One of the main actors of Queen of the South has left a great clue about season 5 of the series, which hinted that this could be the last season.

It seems that the production of the series began again, after the main actress, Alice Braga, suffered an accident in her hand while she was filming one of the scenes of the series.

This December 9, James Valdez’s actor, Peter Gadiot, posted on his social networks a behind-the-scenes photo of himself, who was preparing to film new episodes.

The selfie shows Gadiot in James’ character, along with the caption: “The neck tattoo is back.

However, what caught the attention of fans was one of the hashtags that the star decided to use. “#Onelasttime”, “One last time.” Look at their post.

But what will that hashtag mean? Will this be the last season of Queen of the South? Fans of the series have gone crazy with the simple publication of the actor.

A release date for the fifth season has not yet been announced, but it is estimated that it could be in February or March 2021 the premiere of season 5 of Queen of The South.