One of the actors on the Queen of the South series, Hemky Madera, has revealed a DC Comics role, which he recently lost due to scheduling problems on The Suicide Squad.

Actor Hemky Madera confessed that he missed a role in DC’s upcoming blockbuster, which was originally cast for a role in the upcoming superhero sequel, The Suicide Squad.

Ironically, the film also presents the main star of Queen of the South, Alice Braga, in a leading role as Sol Soria, a South American revolutionary who allies with the new equipment.

But, Madera, details all the unfortunate circumstances that led him to abandon the role and the audition process for it.

But sadly, The Suicide Squad’s awkward filming schedule didn’t provide time for the other projects he had pending at Queen of the South.

For just those two days, the actor would have been part of one of the most anticipated DC Comics films for 2021, The Suicide Squad.