• Mortal, the professional player of PUBG Mobile, made it to the eSports Awards for the second time
  • Mortal is India’s most famous PUBG mobile player.

The top three winners of “eSports Mobile Player of the Year” have been revealed at the eSports Awards. He gave information about this on Twitter and famous players of PUBG Mobile were present here.

The winner was announced on 22 November 2020 before this. Actually, it was very good news for PUBG Mobile fans as the famous Indonesian professional PUBG Mobile player Zuxxy was declared the winner.

Famous Indian streamer and PUBG Mobile Pro Mortal aka Naman Mathur has secured the third position in this category. He was in the second category and made second place in the Streamer of the Year award there.

Along with Mortal, the world’s top 5 mobile players were also included in the list. These players have been successful in mobile eSports and PUBG Mobile’s name is also included in it. He has won two titles of PUBG Mobile with Team SouL.

Famous Brazilian YouTuber and professional Free Fire player Nobru aka Bruno Goz was in second place. Noboru has 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is the most famous Free Fire player in Brazil. He has been with the winning team in several Free Fire tournaments.

Nominations Of Esports Player Of The Year:

  • Iferg: COD Mobile
  • PlayerFly: Arena of Valor
  • PlayerNobru: Garena Free Fire Player
  • Zuxxy: PUBG Mobile Player
  • Luxxy: PUBG Mobile Player
  • Mortal: PUBG Mobile Player
  • Surgical Goblin: Clash Royale Player