French football goes through a delicate moment and more after the stampede of Jaume Roures, owner of Mediapro who has broken the agreement of the rights of Ligue 1 until 2024 for 800 million per year after not paying the first two terms of the contract: 172.3 million on October 5, and 152.5 million on December 5. Mediapro paid 100 million for the broadcast matches.

Thus, practically all the clubs in Ligue 1 avail themselves of state aid to curb the impact, including PSG, waiting to find another operator to take over the rights and help the clubs. Canal Plus was the one who negotiated with Ligue 1, but the last blow is huge given that the payment chain has just given up on being the alternative to Mediapro and the Ligue 1 matches will not be broadcast from next February 5 if there is no new agreement. The group had agreed to play a game on Saturday and another on Sunday, but now it wants a new general bidding process.

Since last March, PSG has been able to take advantage of the chomage partiel a decree-law in the style of ERTE that the government approved whereby the club only pays a minimal part of the salary of its employees. As France Bleu Paris has advanced, the club has been caught again in this month of January to this measure that now splashes 400 employees out of the 700 and that does not include the players of the first team. According to said medium employees take advantage of this ERTE on one day or several per week.

Own Keylor Navas made it clear a few days ago that this measure does not affect them at the moment. There was a salary drop last year. We are aware of the situation, but so far they have not told us anything said the goalkeeper. For PSG it is undoubtedly a great obstacle to face staff with very high salaries, because the cost is much higher due to social charges much higher compared to other countries such as Spain or England.

In the case of PSG, the amount that the club pays the State annually for social charges from the salary mass of its players is more than 70 million euros. According to the entity, it is an amount that exceeds what a club of the greats pay together in Spain, Italy, and Germany.

In the Parc des Princes when the matter of complying with the Financial Fair Play was discussed with UEFA, this disadvantage was put on the table compared to the other Leagues.PSG has already announced losses of 124 million from the pandemic.

The fact that PSG depends on a state with resources like Qatar no longer implies that the club is safe because after the last UEFA adjustment the club has adjusted its sponsorship contracts to the demands of Fair Play. And according to the reality of the market that UEFA stipulates. In fact, the club’s investment in players has been declining every year and now it has to sell footballers in this winter market to enter between 40 and 50 million. PSG must comply with the norm like the rest of the clubs and must also generate its own resources outside of Qatar to comply with the Financial Fair Play.