Fox ended the series Prodigal Son even before the second season was finished, but its creators are hopeful for a new season.

The show’s all-star cast includes Michael Sheen (Tom Payne) and Tom Payne (Michael Sheen). This show is a must-see since it was first broadcast on Fox in 2019. However, fans are hopeful that the ending will not come to pass after the show’s abrupt cancellation.

Prodigal Son- The Show so Far

It was a sensation that began and it has been a popular trend ever since. The storyline looks dark and strange on paper but it is beautiful on the screen thanks to some amazing acting. After season 1’s overwhelming success in 2019, season 2, which was delayed due to the current pandemic, was finally released on January 12, 2021.

Covid-19’s current season premieres in this setting. It follows Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), who is trying desperately to prove to his son, Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), that he can stop the manipulative and criminal ways that led to him being sent to jail.

Cancellation Of Season 3

Chris Fedak (creator) and Sam Sklaver (director), answered questions about the possibility of a third season. They also mentioned that they are considering other streaming and OTT platforms for the next season. They already seem to have a pitch and are ready to go. All that is needed is approval and production can begin! The producers did not give any details about season 3 to not spoil it.

Fan’s Reaction

A show’s end is more often than not the jumping board that the next season will use. Prodigal Son’s Season 2 Episode 13 was a thrilling ride that viewers want to see again. Although it seems like a viral moment, #SaveProdigalSon has become a trending Twitter hashtag. It could be a big step in getting the show picked up and sent to production on popular platforms.

In addition to all this, a petition has been virtually signed by approximately 30k people worldwide to keep the show going into season 3.


With all of the current campaigns and facts, it seems certain that there will soon be a season 3. Even if Fox doesn’t have one. This is great news for all those fans who were left reeling by the finale of season 2. As we wait to see the next season, it is best that we rewatch the show, and keep it on our minds.