The reggaeton singer worries his fans about an apparent relapse of his depression problem, according to what he posted on his Instagram account.

The singer J Balvin again worried his followers, after the change of his Instagram profile photo with a message that invites them to take care of mental health: “Mental health is as important as physical health.” Immediately, the followers were alerted and commented asking about the Colombian’s health.

Also, the reggaeton artist recently shared on his Instagram stories a message in which he asks to pray for him. Given this, his fans wonder if he is going through a depressive picture.

J Balvin has had several moments marked by depression and anxiety, for which he has been under medical treatment. The situation has already been shared with his audience.

Despite everything, the singer lived one of the best years at a professional level. He was part of the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Also, he was one of the most nominated artists for the Latin Grammy. Additionally, the tennis capsule that he released with Nike, Air Jordan, was sold out on their first day of sales.