Everyone is eager for the Power Book II Ghost season 2 premiere date. What could go wrong after season 1?

Alas! We feel like we’ll have to wait a while. Starz currently promotes Power Book III: Raising Kanan and has Power Book IV. Force, which will also be coming in handy.

The Spin-Off: Power Book 2: Ghost

Power Book 2 Ghost is a direct sequel. The story follows Tariq’s journey through his new life, following the events at Power. Tariq finds his business connected to other crime families, like Tejada Family and others. Power Book 2 features rap stars like Method Man and Mary J. Blige as the main characters.

Power Book 2 Ghost Season 1 ended with Tariq against the wall trying to clear his mother’s name. This is where perhaps the 2nd season will pick up, as it has been approved.

Redman’s Joining The Band

Redman and Method Man are expected to be joined by Redman in recent, pleasant-surprising news. The two will reunite after many years of being together, with Redman taking on the role of Theo Rollins. He is the older brother to Method Man’s Davis Maclean.

Starz published an official description of the character. The Rollins, a street-man who once ran rackets together with his younger brother Davis Maclean, is described as being Theo Rollins. Despite serving lengthy sentences, Theo and Davis are now on opposite ends of the law.

Method Man And Redman, A Historic Duo

The news made hip hop fans, particularly old-heads, excited. Method Man and Redman, two of the most famous, successful, and talented rappers on the East Coast, are Method Man and Redman. They share almost a brotherly relationship, and they are not only rap contemporaries. Method Man was part of rap’s greatest group, The Wu-Tang Clan. Redman had a great time playing in the game with the Def Squad.

In 1999, the duo formed when they released Blackout! They met during their time working with Tupac Shakur to record All Eyez On Me.