5 Best Portable Printer For iPhone | Worth Buying? (Guide)


Are you looking for a small or portable printer for iPhone? Sit tight and read this comprehensive guide with the best units for you.

With this level of advancement, everything is getting instant. Need coffee? Make it instant. Hungry much? There are instant noodles. Need photos? Instant? Why Not? Everything is there if we keep our eyes on it, but here’s the thing. With the number of choices and clone products, it becomes tough and almost indecisive to set our expectations upon a single product. 

Portable Printer for iPhone

And, so here we are with this amazing guide upon the same. Today, we will get to know about the beautiful products available on Amazon. For this article, let us stray constricted to the portable printer for iPhone. Let us first watch what is in trend and proving useful to buyers like us if we are ready to shop. Let’s waste no more time and muster along.

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Portable Printer For iPhone & Other Mobiles 2021

My kids have the iPhone. They are very much selective of their belongings, and so as a parent when I spend my money. I like to be old-school and do my homework. As obviously, there isn’t much to doubt when the stuff is premium and from a recognized seller on Amazon. But I did my research and handpicked these ten portable printers for iPhone that I believe will bring the happiness you deserve when you spend the bucks. 

However, before beginning, here is a little guide upon portable printer for iPhone, portable printers for Android, and windows, Mac. I suggest that there is no need to restrict universality. 

What Are Portable Printers? 

In general, printers are big, complex machines that work with inks/Lazer to produce on-screen imagery upon a sheet of paper. Now, as there is no need to discuss what a printer is, let’s know what exactly it conveys when we use the term- portable printer. Portable implies the compactness of a product and the feasibility with which a certain commodity can be carried around. There are four essential keys to measure the compactivity of a portable printer for an iPhone & iPad when it comes to printers.

  • Portable Printers should be of adequate size to produce polaroid sized prints, at the least. Besides, it should never exceed the letter size of standard print measure. 
  • The weight generally depends upon the capacity and quality of the battery being employed. However, most lightweight printers compromise with the battery. Our search is essential to find the ones that do not require frequent charging or replacement; otherwise, it kills the motive of portability. 
  • Last but not the least priority is the connectivity of the portable printer. If we restrict our search to portable printer for iPhone, it needs to have excellent Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity and modularity with your chosen device.What Are Portable Printers? 

What Is the Size Of a Portable Printer for iPhone?

There could not be one but many sizes and shapes of portable printers for iPhone. It is rather subjective. Both to the manufacturer and the purpose of the user, to consider if they need a tiny and ornamental piece or a classic, robust, functional portable printer. However, to satisfy such a curiosity: The general sizes in which the portable printers get frequently chosen by consumers are- 6.2 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches for the smaller ones and 17 x 11.1 x 5.7 inches for the bigger ones, to be exact. 

Can I Print From My iPhone to my Portable Printer?

Yes. You can print from your iPhone or iPad to your printer. Now this task can either be done physically, using a simple USB or OTG, compatible with a printer. Or else, iOS presents efficient functionality specifically for print purposes. Yes, I hope now all those extra bucks start making sense.

polaroid printer

Well, AirPrint-enabled apps on iOS allow you to create and print documents with full quality and even graphics without the burden of installing drivers. Besides, you are not even required to configure the printer queue. The provisions are fairly least to start with:

  • It would be best if you had your iPhone device (iPhone or iPad) with 3GS or later versions. You must make sure that you are on the latest version of the iOS with an AirPrint compatible printer, having updated firmware. 
  • Now, we have to check Apple’s AirPrint support page. You will get a comprehensive list with the information of all the compatible devices. You do not need to worry about the iPhone model. Whether you have an iPhone 5 or the iPhone 11, the AirPrint functionality is the same in all.

How to Print Using Airprint?

Connect To Wi-Fi

To use AirPrint, make sure that both your iPhone and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There are always multiple networks around, whether in-home, office, or any site. Enable the AirPrint function depending on what printer you are using. You can check the printer’s manual on the manufacturer’s website for more detailed instructions if you do not know how to turn the function on. 

Select the Printer

Open the AirPrint supported apps such as Mail or Safari. You can also use Evernote. Most of these apps will feature a similar symbol that represents a forward or a reply, using an arrow. Now tap on this icon and select Print, and then select print. Your printer will start to appear in the list as the selected device by default. If this does not happen, you can click on the printer symbol at the top and allow your iPhone to look for nearby printers.

Choose The Number Of Copies.

Decide the number of copies you need to print. It would help if you tapped the addition and subtraction arrows to the right of Copy, according to your purpose. But at least one copy is mandatory; however, one may print up to 99 pages at once. You may also click on the options to reveal the color options and the pages to print if there are multiple pages.


Once the printer and the iPhone connect. And the number of pages you require are decided, click on the Print in the top-right corner of the page. You can also cancel the print or maybe check the print status by double-tapping on the Home button. 

5 Best Portable Printer For iPhone 2021

Polaroid Zip – Best Printer for iPhone

This Polaroid Zip portable printer empowers you to print outputs without any requirement of any toner, ink, or even cartridges. Polaroid Zip highlights a ZINK Zero-Ink-Technology. This technology utilizes its own exclusive ZINK paper to print images or graphics.

These paper sheets are enclosed within the pretext glasses that will automatically actuate when one takes a photo. Moreover, the crystals are auto-heat activated. Besides, we don’t have to pay any extra for cartridges. Please note that Polaroid Zip is a Bluetooth device that can easily be connected to your phone through the dedicated app.

Polaroid Zip - Best Printer for iPhone

Polaroid mini printer for iPhone is congruous with both Android and iOS that also supports Wi-Fi connectivity. Packing the paper onto this printer is straightforward. We have to open the printer simply. Then, load the pack of ZINK paper. On the bottom of the pack, you will see a blue paper. This blue paper is the smart sheet, and it operates face down in the printer when we first open a new pack. Now, press and hold the button. Notice the light on the device. Once you turn on the device, wait for a little so that the smart-sheet can go through the printer automatically.

polaroid printer

Photos are imprinted applying a particular paper that is stocked with cyan, vermilion, and golden dye crystals. Originally, the papers are pale. But when the printing starts, the heat activates and transmutes the crystals into the fitting hues. Moreover, the paper sheets always come out smudge-proof and dry.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP 2 (Best Wireless Printer for iPhone)

If your choices are specifically for photo booth style picturesque, then you will be surprised and happy to have this at your service. The Fujifilm Instax Share SP 2 is the best one in the race of portable printers for the iPhone. The Instax Share SP 2 by Fujifilm is perfect for nostalgia effect picture outputs. It uses proprietary and exclusive films for printing out the images.

This printer, by Fujifilm, uses dense plastics with a dual plastic tone color scheme. It is good for the dimensions but with a darker shade of hues, with a little bit increased contrast. As obvious, this printer is a bit large. However, in terms of compactivity, it is better than the other options.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP 2 

You can take Fujifilm Instax in your mini bag or ladies’ purse easily. Instax employs laser exposure technology, and so it is capable of developing the Instax Max Films in less than ten seconds. The outputs are vivid in resolution. There are two buttons for functionality, which makes it easier to reprint for multiple copies of the same output. Fujifilm Instax charges with a Mini USB port. The good part is that the battery is removable. 

The Instax Share utilizes Wi-Fi technology to connect. There is its Instax Share app for printing images to the printer. The Instax Share app has several editing and filter choices to choose from.

Lifeprint (Small Portable Printer for iPhone)

Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer for iPhone

Mostly, all of the portable printers employ dense matte plastics for the body, and the same goes for LifePrint Ultra. The size is easy to carry around. Life Print Ultra Slim Printer uses ZINK technology, and it also prints borderless, sticky back images with dimensions 2×3 inches. Moreover, Life Print printer utilizes the proprietary ZINK print paper. 

Papers are effortless to be loaded in the printer, and there is only one button to power the device and connect your iPhone with the printer. For all functions otherwise, there is an app suited and designed just for LifePrint Ultraslim Printers that can be downloaded on both Android and iPhones. This Printer charges with a Micro USB port and is pretty efficient in terms of battery life. 

Canon Pixma TR 150 (Best Portable Printer for Car)

If you are looking at the features of a full-featured printer, the Canon Pixma TR 150 is capable of printing A4-sized outputs in the form of images or documents. It is a portable printer, as it requires an additional battery add on. The print quality is a no brainer when it comes to Canon. Pixma TR 150’s software allows a lot of features like reprinting copies of the same output on the go. The data can also be saved locally on the printer. 

Best Portable Printer for CarPixma TR 150 by Canon uses dense matte plastic, which is lightweight and suitable for a compact printer utility. The Canon printer is portable and fits as the best portable printer for car. It has all the features of a general printer system, including a top load paper feeder. TR 150 has an LCD monochrome display, along with button controls.

As discussed, Canon TR 150 provisions onboard memory, which helps to save the documents from being printed later. Moreover, it uses proprietary ink, branded to Canon, in ink cartridges. The printer offers excellent Wi-Fi connectivity with the iPhone. There is an app- Canon Print and needs to be installed on the device for increased ease. 

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Phomema MO2 (Portable Photo Printer for iPhone)

The Phomemo M02 Pocket is a thermal pocket printer that utilizes dense matte plastics for the chassis, as for its build quality. Phomemo is small in size; thus, it is easily portable. The shape of Phomema portable printer for mobile is like a small box, and it is a printer that can be carried in a bag or purse. 

This thermal printer uses thermal technology along with Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity.  Pocket thermal printers are great for students, and office people, who are looking for a way to print quick notes and graphics on the fly.    

portable document printer for iphone

It can print in monochrome images for templates, receipts, or QR codes. Phomemo printer employs a thermal reel roll with a gluey dorsal covering. With the easy slide top reel fed, one can continuously print the graphics or images and cut them with the inclusive ridged printer slot. Phomemo MO2 printer holds a 1000mAh battery that charges with a Micro USB port.

portable printer for iphone with usb port

Besides, this thermal printer runs with a single button for pairing via Bluetooth and connects with the smartphone. This Phomemo printer makes an exclusive app that allows one to print out different scrapbooking templates, images, photo galleries, and web graphics. The only downside to this portable printer is that the print output is monochromatic. 

Now, if you want to expand your search a notch more, here are a few more choices you might want to jump upon if the budget and the expectations of portability have a bit more room for air. Here we present:

Buying Guide for Portable Printers for iPhone

Portable printer for iPhone can serve several purposes. Those who work in retail use the device to issue invoices, payment vouchers, and even service passwords.

But end consumers can also take advantage of portable printers. Here, there are models that connect to smartphones (Android & iOS) and tablets to print photos from your mobile device.

Perks & Boons Of Portable Printer for iPhone

Gone are the days when it was necessary to work with electronic devices to spend good hours reading the user’s instructions. They are more and more intuitive and practical.

As a rule, portable printers have a simplified connection. Simply connect them to any compatible device via USB or Bluetooth cable and follow the steps. Everything is done intuitively and quickly.

Another advantage of this device is mobility. As the name suggests, portable printers can be taken anywhere without any difficulty, especially the lightest and most compact models that resemble a cell phone.

It is true that there are larger and heavier models that print A4 sheets. But nothing that a more spacious and resistant backpack does not solve.

Want more? Unlike traditional models, most portable printers do not use cartridges, reducing operating costs. And, let’s face it, it sucks to change printer cartridges all the time, right?

In addition, you still have a small operating cost. As you use the machine, the paper stock decreases. Therefore, from time to time, you need to make a new investment to replace the essential material for your portable printer.

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Printer for iPhone

Despite the differences between portable printers for retail and end consumers, they have points in common that you need to take into account before making a purchase. Find out what they are below:

  • Portability
  • Compatibility
  • Design & Weight

We will detail each of these items, so you can make the best choice when buying your portable printer.


The idea of ​​having a portable printer is to be able to take the device anywhere without much hassle. In general, most models come with rechargeable batteries.

photo printer for ios

If you are on the move for a long time away from power outlets, it is very important to pay attention to the autonomy of the equipment. Pay attention to portability and battery consumption of the portable printer for iPhone.


Imagine you have an iPhone and end up buying a model that only works on Android? It is money thrown away. To avoid this risk, check the compatibility of the portable printer you want to buy.

Some models require the installation of a specific application on your smartphone or tablet. In this sense, find out if the version of your mobile device’s operating system supports this application. We have listed some of the best portable printers that are compatible with both iPhone & Android devices.

Design & Weight

In general, portable printers come in white or black. It is worth choosing the model that best matches your mobile device. But your choice should not be limited to the colors of the device.


It is also important to note the size and weight of the equipment. As we have presented throughout this Buying Guide, there are several portable printers available on the market.

Here, you can prefer the models that are lighter and more compact to the point of fitting in your pocket. Another alternative are those the size of a notebook that you need to pack in backpacks.

I believe there is nothing left to share about the best mini printer for iPhone but if you have anything to in-addition to what we discussed then please share below.

Closure | Portable Printer for iPhone

This article on portable printers has been personally very informative for us. Here, we tried to present to your best-in-class portable printer for iPhone. Whether it is iOS or Android, there isn’t much difference when it comes to printers, as the connectivity solely depends upon the technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Besides, these in our tests were impartial about apps and their compatibility over different platforms.

The sequence of the listed products has nothing to do with the ranks, but with the choices. All mentioned above are best among themselves and rest. So, if you come to a decision do not forget to share your experiences with our readers. For any queries, that might arise, use the comment box below to connect to us.