Among various manufacturers – Xiaomi, Oppo, and, to some extent, Samsung topping an honorable list – the low-end is getting to be much more than bad phones, but cheap. The POCO M3 joins a team capable of doing quite a few things and quite well for less than 200 euros (part of the 149, in particular).Thus, we have gone from battle devices to teams that, with their shortcomings, can even boast of some of their components or characteristics. Even the design is careful and they allow themselves to have their personality or to follow the lines of higher ranges from the same manufacturer.

In this POCO M3, the appearance is very careful and the registration of your file is on the battery. The cameras, however, do not finish convincing, although they do their job. Curiously, they are the most prominent point in the body of a modern phone that, despite this, evokes two historical figures in the sector.Three colors are available: POCO Yellow, Cool Blue, and Powerful Black. Nomenclatures worthy of Leticia Sabater’s discography aside, all of them are masterfully resolved. Yellow, a garish one that remains striking and original without becoming strident; blue may set the bar for the molar very high, but it delivers; the black, elegant and stately.

In all of them, the camera frame extends its body over almost the entire rear. The simple idea works surprisingly well: if you’re going to be the lead, why not give it an even bigger role?The yellow result is reminiscent of the historic Lumia 1020, a true pioneer in this huge camera. Meanwhile, the more understated models adopt a body that mimics leather and takes us back to a time when BlackBerry still dominated the market with an iron keyboard.Unfortunately, all the good decisions that Xiaomi has made in the design do not end up being transferred to the lenses. It is not that the camera is bad – the main one, 48 megapixels, defends itself with ease for what one would expect for its price – it is that the 2-megapixel macro and the depth sensor of the same quality are for the same reason. the one that I hang pictures: somehow the holes will have to be covered.

In good light the result is correct; it will neither win photo contests nor disappoint. With less light, we begin to remember that we are below 200 euros. It has a night mode that can solve the ballot, but it is designed for people with patience and a pulse that not all of us have.The depth sensor helps the portrait mode work without it being a tool that will change anyone’s life or profile photo. The macro in mobile of these characteristics is reminiscent of the toothpick or the corkscrew of a Swiss army knife in the sense that it is there because since there is a hole it will have to be used. Whoever uncorks came in the field and then fences against the remains of the back entrenched between incisor and canine will use it regularly; who does not, will forget even that they are there.

The 6.53-inch FHD + screen, of large size and considerable quality and brightness, cannot be ignored as a design element. It occupies almost the entire front, with the exception of some frames that fall within what is understandable and acceptable. For its price, there are few that can stand up to it.The best thing is that the panel is accompanied by a 6,000 mAh battery that is the true star of the M3. With a full (and fast) charge, it has autonomy for any day of use and you keep the change. You can actually get to the holiday weekend without stopping by your house and your plugs with some ease and moderation.

The fingerprint reader on the lock button, the speakers and the different ports (headphone jack included) are the only notable elements of a plastic frame -comprehensible- which would have suited a nobler (and expensive) material better.This arrangement is often the best choice for biometric security, especially in these ranges. Placing the reader under the screen saves space to the same extent that it is frustrating if it does not work properly. Better the prudence of a side button that, yes, will reach the thumb of right-handed people much better than the index of left-handed people.

Finally, we must talk about the general performance of your Snapdragon 662 and its 4 GB of RAM (either with 64 or 128 GB of storage). Who comes from a higher segment of the market will notice jerks and movements that are not always fluid, but who has only dealt with low ranges will be surprised and for the better. In context, it is powerful.In one of the years in which terminals that are around 500 euros have shone the most, we must not forget that there is life if we divide the figure by two. The POCO M3 is allowed to subtract an additional 100 euros and continue competing with a very high battery.