Who was going to tell us that one of the Disney World attractions was going to become one of the highest-grossing film sagas in history? It has been 20 years since ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black Pearl‘ was released and, since then, the ‘piratil’ saga has had 4 more installments, all of them with more or less luck at the box office, but which have coincided in something: all have had a true protagonist, Captain Jack Sparrow, brilliantly played by Johnny Depp.

The last of the installments, ‘Salazar’s Revenge‘, was released in 2017 and, although it raised almost 800 million dollars, it was not the success that Disney expected so they have decided to relaunch the saga with a kind of reboot-sequel What will this ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean 6 ‘ be, about which we will tell you more below.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Release Date

The script for the sixth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is still being elaborated, so obviously the release date has not yet been confirmed. But, taking into account other installments of the saga, and how long they have taken to complete their filming, we could assume that Pirates of the Caribbean 6′ will not arrive before 2023.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Synopsis

It is not yet clear what ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ will be about, but we would have to go back to the previous installment to try to find out. ‘Salazar’s Revenge’ ended with a post-credits scene of Will and Elizabeth Turner sleeping, and the shadow of Davy Jones stalking them, so perhaps he is the villain they both have to defeat in the sixth installment.

We also met their son in the fifth installment, Henry Turner, played by Brenton Thwaites, so hopefully we will see him again. What is not clear is if Jack Sparrow will return ( due to Johnny Depp’s personal problems ), although rumors recently began about possible characters that will appear in the film. The most widespread is that we will meet Redd, one of the pirates of the mythical attraction, who was sold as a slave and ends up becoming a pirate in her own right.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Cast

In this sixth installment, Kaya Scodelario (she played Carina, Barbossa’s daughter) will almost certainly return , since she stated that she was bound by contract to shoot one more installment; Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner; Orlando Bloom also stated that he would be in the next installment reprising his role as Will Turner; and we will almost certainly see Geoffrey Rush and his Barbossa one more time.

Johnny Depp is anyone’s guess right now. But rumors about new characters do not stop happening. Karen Gillan, for example, is the name that sounds the most to play Redd , while the names of Zac Efron to play a young Jack Sparrow, or Emma Watson.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Director

There is no confirmed director yet, but we do know that Craig Mazin (author of ‘ Chernobyl ‘) and Ted Elliott, scriptwriter of the first 4 installments of the saga.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Poster

We still don’t have a poster for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Images

We still do not have images of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Trailer

We still do not have a trailer for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.