The prestigious portal has updated the market value of the players with the entry of the new year and in it, several surprises are detected, the most pleasing is that the Barca player Pedri only 18 years old is the player who has risen the most In this ranking the Atletico de Madrid striker Joao Felix is ​​led to the detriment of another Barca player Leo Messi, who stops exceeding 100 million in his market value for the first time since 2010.

Pedri’s good game and his youth are essential

So that the value of the Canarian midfielder has risen like foam and from the 30 million he was ‘worth’ in 2020 it has gone to 50 million in this Transfermarkt update. Thus, Pedri has increased its value by 67%, the largest increase in the value of all the top 500 footballers in the ranking of the specialized portal.

“Pedri is one of Barcelona’s great hopes.

With his confidence and his cheerful game, he is showing more and more the great role he could play in the Barca of the future. It is difficult to imagine the system without him for his creativity and intelligence that generate spaces for his colleagues. It is said that the coach of the Spanish team Luis Enrique plans to use Pedri in the next international matches argues Tobias Blasio Area Manager of

Along with Pedri, there are 23 other players

Who receives a market value bonus of at least 5 million euros or more, but no one reaches the 20 million increase for the FC Barcelona player.

Madrid has entered into sales with the decline of Eden Hazard Vinicius and Marco Asensio, whose market values ​​fall ostensibly with the entry of 2021. The Belgian forward, for example, whose value when he signed for Madrid was 115 million was currently at 60 and drops to 50 with the entry of 2021. Unfortunately, Eden Hazard has not been able to end the ordeal of injuries that accompanies him so this is the fifth time that he has been devalued since he arrived in Spain. Obviously both the Belgian himself and Real Madrid expected more from their signing, but after nine injuries of varying severity in the Spanish capital the trend continues to point downwards days Blasio.

The three leading teams in the league have dropped in value overall.

Both Atletico and Madrid and Barca have several players who are trading down and therefore their squads lose value in this regard.

It is striking that Joao Félix is now the only player on the market to exceed 100 million euros while Messi, who was the first to reach this figure in August 2010, is now valued at 80 million. Blasio explains the reason for this decline Messi is slowly entering the last years of his career and FC Barcelona is experiencing a deep institutional crisis. After nearly ten years with a triple-digit market value, it now experiences a $ 20 million devaluation. Not only his advanced age plays an important role in this, but also his performances so far this season and the uncertainty of his sporting future. A key factor for Messi will be the spring presidential elections and it would be highly desirable if his great career had a dignified end.

As expected,

The value of Antoine Griezmann also drops by 20 million which is now at 60 million according to the parameters on which Transfermarkt is based. The Barca squad has decreased a total of 73.5 million euros losing two positions in the world ranking of the most valuable teams.