Paul Heyman challenged WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E to individually fight Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the 2022 edition of WrestleMania. He did so in an interview for the WWE Network program, Talking Smack. Heyman proposed a match for both titles if the two fighters remain champions. The attorney began his plea by congratulating the champion on his recent successes.

A champion is only as great as the challengers you turned down and Crews is a bona fide challenger. You won the championship your first chance, congratulations on that. I know you are positive in person, but as an Intercontinental Champion, you have a chance to be part of the display of the immortals at WrestleMania, but you will not be the main event.

Heyman continued with his words and launched the challenge. Solidifying the reign of the title may lead main event position for WrestleMania next year and a match for the Universal Championship of Roman Reigns. That’s what that championship should be like for you – it should be your designation as a great champion so you can participate in the main event of WrestleMania against Roman Reigns. The fact that you are not going to the main event this year should piss you off.

Despite these words from Heyman, Big E remained optimistic and accepted the challenge. That doesn’t piss me off, it motivates me. Everything I’ve done in the past, amazing as it was, will pale in comparison to what I’m about to do next year. I’ll see your guy at the WrestleMania 2022 main event if he still has the title. If you still have it, I’ll be there.