A confession of a party relay test. Juan Ernesto Villamayor, head of the Cabinet of the Government of the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitez, confirmed that the former deputy Juan Guaido approved to forgive the debt of Petroleos Paraguayos (Petropar) with Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), which amounted to $ 269 million.

When questioned in the Chamber of Deputies of the Paraguayan Parliament, Villamayor said that Guaido was asked to pay only 50% of the debt sustained with PDVSA and 0% of the interest.
The agreement was finalized in a meeting he held with Javier Troconis, a pseudo-official appointed by Guaidó for the recovery of assets from the fictitious government of the usurper abroad.

The debt with PDVSA amounted to 269 million dollars the cancellation of half of that debt with the supposed interim government was planned and ultimately it was not executed.

Paraguay which is tearing its clothes due to the humanitarian crisis of the Venezuelan people is part of the Lima Group a movement of countries led by satellite governments, which have been in charge of discrediting the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro and promoting actions to increase the coercive and unilateral sanctions of the United States.

On January 12, congressmen from the Guasu Front, one of the most important left-wing fractions in Paraguay, demanded that the Legislature initiate a political trial against President Mario Abdo Benitez, due to the hidden deals he tried to execute with Juan Guaido’s agents.

Borges asks for explanations. After the series of corruption cases linked to Juan Guaido and the G4 (Democratic Action, First Justice, A New Time and Popular Will, Julio Borges, a fugitive from justice and a member of the interim office, asked his partner to explain to the country the complaints about corruption that falls on that management.

Venezuela deserves an explanation about cases such as the protection of assets abroad, Crystallex, Petroparaguay, the management of the Simon Bolivar Foundation of Citgo, the irregularities of the Comptroller’s Commission among others. The correct thing is to show transparency in the management said the leader of Primero Justicia.

He asked the Guaido interim to give access to all the information necessary to correctly clarify each of the events.