Palo Mini Projector Reviews | Does It Really Worth Purchasing? (Review)


Take a moment and picture yourself enjoying Netflix or reminiscing your memories on a big screen in a dark room and your loved ones along with you. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Although it might seem like a fantasy to many, you can experience this with the new Palo Projector. 

We are here to discuss this Palo Mini Projector and make sure that you are well acquainted with the projector’s information by the end of this article. We will provide you with genuine Palo Mini projector reviews.

Palo Mini Projector Reviews


Talking about the projector, which will give you a theatre-like experience at home, you might be wondering about how expensive this is going to be. Well, there’s good news for you that the prices are lowered as offers have been put up by Palo. 

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Palo Mini Projector Reviews

As I was surfing through all Palo Mini Projector reviews, surprisingly, most of them quoted that the projector’s build quality is average. It is strange because the projector you are getting is 75% off from the original price, and the quality is not according to the standards, sounds weird, right! Because the original rate is $260.

palo mini projector

It seems good to me, the durability is quite impressive, but you won’t have that premium feel. As the price range is $65, even after getting 75% off on the product, I still feel it is quite expensive. 

It functions as a premium projector with easy setup and configuration. The package includes a Palo projector, power adaptor, remote control, 3 in 1 AV cable, and a guide manual. I felt that the clarity it provides in the dark is on point, but in daylight, it is quite average. 


I had a look at some other mini projectors too. APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector & SEC YG-300 are a few options that have all similar features and are available at an affordable price range.

However, these companies do not offer customers the relaxation of delivery charges. As in my knowledge, these companies do not have an easy return policy with 100% refund assured as provided by Palo. 

About The Palo™  

Palo is a company that deals with viral gadgets and gifts. There are a variety of products available from a pair of socks to a mini HD projector. You can browse through their website and look for any product that meets your requirements. Currently, the company has come up with a new sale up to 75 % off, which applies to every product but does it really worth it?

Palo provides us with a 100% cashback guarantee if ever we wish to return it, which is a pretty good deal; their money-back policy is reliable and feasible for the customers. They provide you with free of cost deliveries everywhere and do not charge even the minimum to the customers.

Features Of Palo Mini Projector

It’s been a while now since I am looking for projectors. After undergoing a sustained procedure of selecting a projector, I came across the Palo Mini Projector. It grabbed my attention due to its attractive offers and company policies. 

Enlisting a few benedictions,


A common inconvenience in any device arises due to its maintenance and inability of its operations at a time and place availing to our comfort; this is aided by its portability. The projector is designed such that it is exceedingly handy.

Pragmatic Features

The quality must be unequivocal of high value, which is rendered due to its 1920 X 1080 resolution for clear and bright images, this will ensure no strain to your eyes and extensive quality time with friends and family. The brightness ranges from 400 to 600 lumens.


To enhance the experience, usability becomes more facile with infrared remote control and wireless operation. The LED lamp life is over 30,000 hours, not requiring replacement. It is equipped with built-in speakers and also if you want you can connect your own speakers too.

Compact Design

With an item weight of 560 grams and 800:1 contrast ratio for clear, razor-sharp images, we are undeniably administered with a state of the art design.

Interface Options

It lays out an alternative approach to interface support with HDMI/USB multimedia interfaces. These function for DVD players, laptops, computers, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, etc. They also include AV and CBS.

General Compatibility Features

It proffers well suited attributes as it supports audio format types; .mp3/ .wav/ .066/ .AAC/ .FLAC/ .APE and video formats like .mp4/ .RMVB/ .AVI/ .RM/ .MKV. It is compatible with PlayStation and Xbox. It supports various image formats such as .BMP/ .PNG/ .JPG.

What Could Grab Your Attention?  

Palo claims to give a 100% guarantee for customer satisfaction, which is an attractive catch.

On their website, about 8 out of 10 people have rated Palo with five stars. The product shipping takes about 15 to 20 days to get to your door. In case if you plan to return it, their return policy is very reasonable.

You can return this projector within 180 days of purchase. Today they have thousands of customers who have experienced trustworthy services. Their shipment is available globally, and they assure that they will cover any amount if required to clear customs.

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Closure | Palo Mini Projector 

To sum up, as promised, I hope you are well-versed with the Palo Mini Projector reviews.

Based on all the information we have furnished you with, in my opinion, you could get a better deal which is less expensive.

Going for the cheaper options will save you money, but one can’t guarantee the quality.  You can still give the Palo Mini Projector a thought as the services are pretty good. Needless to say, the final choice is going to be yours.