After 10 days in which he has thrown balls out, Pablo Casado has recognized this Wednesday that his bet to break with Vox penalized him in the Catalan elections. The president of the PP has admitted that this decision has had a short-term cost, that is, in the Catalan polls, but it has been claimed as a central way to get out of the current crisis. In the Plenary of Congress, within the debate on the operation of the state of alarm, Casado has added that not only does he not regret his turn but that he will continue to strengthen it, despite the Catalan electoral bump. I took a step forward and I will not take any back.

For the leader of the opposition, the conquest of an open, moderate, and reformist society cannot be preserved without reaffirming himself in the face of every setback. I reaffirm myself especially today because I do not want another path or destination for Spain. I am not looking for any vote that does not seek to coexist, he stressed in the crucial passage of his speech, in a clear reference to the fact that he does not regret his criticism of Vox and reaffirms in them.

Casado has demanded that Sánchez together seek to widen the space of moderation to make it so big that we can both win within it, against nationalism and populism. I already did my part and the PSOE does just the opposite, it has made the president of the Government ugly, If the political center is compressed by the extremes, in that troubled river only the radicals win, he said, in another reference Vox and the pro-independence parties. Stop making waves in that river, he has metaphorized.

Despite the clear surprise of Vox in the first electoral appointment after the motion of censure presented by Santiago Abascal, Casado remains convinced that Spain needs a centrist, pro-European, humanist, and liberal project, things that Vox does not represent. So the PP president believes that his party will soon be in the majority to overcome the economic recession and the social crisis in the country. As soon as he listened to Casado, it was Santiago Abascal’s turn, who responded to the PP leader with a veiled threat to present a new motion of censure against Sanchez, which would once again place the popular in a very uncomfortable situation for forcing themselves to position themselves as new on the continuity of the Government. More so after Vox has interpreted the election results in Catalonia, where he consummated the Sorpasso to PP and Citizens, as an endorsement of that initiative and its unqualified opposition against the government.

Perhaps we should offer this House the possibility of a second motion of censure so that some deputies can redeem themselves from their gigantic irresponsibility towards the Spanish, he said, referring to the PP. Abascal had previously commented that he would present it as many times as necessary, but he had never made it that way in Congress. The Vox leader took advantage of his claim to the motion of censure in October to charge against the PP because some ill-advised wanted to become protagonists and victims of that motion. And they have succeeded, he added, connecting the electoral result in Catalonia of PP and Vox with that strong clash that occurred between the two parties.

Abascal boasted that then he warned of the consequences of the continuity of the Government. You all knew that we were right, but for different interests and none of them patriotic, you preferred the continuity of this Government of ruin, death, the reduction of freedoms and violence, rather than supporting a motion that promised to give the floor back to the Spanish with elections, he recriminated the PP.

On the other hand, Abascal also referred to the presumed agreement of the popular with the PSOE to renew the CGPJ to attack Casado because agreeing with Pedro Sanchez is not something different from agreeing with Pablo Iglesias. What a disservice Mr. Casado is doing to your party, to Spain and you, he reproached him. In another vein, Casado, who has assured that he is proposing an amendment to the whole to Sanchez has focused on the management of the health crisis.

I hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will allow the investigation of the dozens of lawsuits and complaints from health professionals and families of victims and that they do not block a parliamentary commission of inquiry when the pandemic ends. And he has asked Sanchez to hold the debate on the state of the nation before summer after three years without convening it. And, in his strategy to try to cover the center Casado has dedicated a dialectical caress to Ciudadanos, I wish you could say like Rivera and Arrimadas that you don’t have a gang he told Sánchez to defend the oranges.