P-Valley Season 2

P-Valley, the drama from STARZ made by Katori Hall, broke off the roof in its very first season. Garnering praise after praise for its magnificent neo-noir storyline. Taking inspiration from Katori Hall’s drama Pussy Valley, the show stars Brandee Evans, Nicco Annan, and Elarica Johnson in the lead roles. Upon its premiere, the show was applauded for the funniest narrative and showcasing the lives of strippers with many amounts of attractiveness. But also not hiding away the fact how they undergo daily challenges. Each implemented to perfection.

P-Valley’s first season went on to garner sufficient praise and viewership on the very first two episodes themselves. So, STARZ took time in indulged itself in another season run for the show. So only into fourteen days, they went on to announce another season for P-Valley too. While we wait for the next season which hasn’t arrived yet, our inner child wants furthermore than the next season. So here we’re taking a look at the possibilities of P-Valley Season 3.

Season 2 Release Date

The launch date for P-Valley season 2 has not yet been announced at the time of composing. Recent online rumors have suggested that season 2 will air on May 11th however those rumors appear to be unfounded.

Usually, new seasons of a TV show arrive roughly a year after the last installment.

If that was the case, then we could observe P-Valley reunite with Starz in July 2021.

However, given recent filming flaws caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is every possibility that season 2 might arrive later than planned.

P-Valley has been verified for season 2 but no Starz release date was announced just yet.

P-Valley Season 2

Cast Of P-valley Season 2

  • Brandee Evans will be returned as Mercedes Woodbine
  • Nicco Annan will perform the role of uncle Clifford
  • Shannon Thornton will reunite as Keyshawn / Miss Mississippi
  • Erica Johnson as Hailey Colton / Autumn Night
  • Skyler Joy will be back as Gidget
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson will be back as Lil Murda
  • Parker Sawyers will perform the role of Andre Watkins
  • Harriett D. Foy will soon be back as Patrice Woodbine
  • Dan J. Johnson will be returned as Corbin Kyle
  • Tyler Lepley will be back as Diamond
  • Isaiah Washington will be returned as Mayor Tydell Ruffin

What To Expect From P-Valley Season 2 and Further?

The next season of P-Valley is set to take us back into the circle in the strip club”The Pynk” run by Uncle Clifford in the town of Chucalissa, Mississippi. For the previous first season we saw, the show was all about the workers at the club, particularly the very attractive Mercedes. The very reason many eyeballs are drawn to the golf club. Just until Uncle Clifford comes to the point of losing club. That’s when a new attractive dancer, Autumn came to the film to save his club, but he owes her. Plus the premature death of Montavius spending his whole time searching Autumn down only to neglect.

Discussing the second season of P-Valley, the creator of the series Katorie Hall. She teased that now combined with Uncle Clifford, Autumn also has got the upper hand and fair share in running the club, which was in peril. They can fight over the throne but they have also become great friends so that it could go both ways.

In precisely the same interview, we learned about the fate of Mercedez. Hall teased to continue her struggle for respect and hunt for her dance studio. Additionally adding the custody of her daughter. She teased will she turn her life around is something we will need to watch the series to find out. What’s more, Hall expressed on Twitter her strategies to feature the Covid-19 scenario the world is going through. She wants the characters to reflect the planet, so yes that will be a part of the show too in the coming seasons, which might also impact the future seasons in P-Valley Season 3.