Ozark Season 4

Fans were shocked by Ruth’s fate in Ozark season 3. After all the work she did for Marty (Jason Bateman), and the Byrdes to build their laundering empire, After Wendy gave her brother’s death, Ruth was left out of the family. This led to a very unpleasant separation. Ruth eventually moved in with Wyatt and Darlene, her cousin. Although it may seem like Ruth is just looking for a job, she’s perfectly placed to be Season 4’s big bad.

Marty has always negotiated out of bad situations and business deals, regardless of whether it was with the Navarro cartel in Mexico or other rivals in town. He is able to talk his way out, negotiate numbers to convince people to support his side, and uses charm and guile to make people believe in his dreams.

This is why he has duped the FBI repeatedly. He’d be confronted with Ruth, his ideal nemesis. Marty was her tutor since he arrived at the lake. He even wanted to give the business to her when he was ready for him to go in Season 2. She is well-versed in the details of Marty’s rackets, his money, and all his partners. She is more than a snitch.

Marty did not retaliate against Frank Cosgrove Jr., a Kansas City mob member who assaulted her on an ego trip. Wendy and he tried to calm things down, Darlene being the one that shot the goon in the midsection.

Ozark Season 4

Ruth was able to see that Ruth had her back and Darlene helped her feel like a family member. Ironically, Darlene also lost her family when Marty’s opium trade was in conflict with Marty’s project. Marty also robbed Darlene of land to build the cartel’s casino. It’s easy to imagine Ruth handing over the kingdom to Ruth. This will allow Ruth and her cousins to break the Langmore curse, as they have always been told that they are backwater, low-class people.

Darlene has the Kansas mob in her pockets so Ruth is perfect for managing logistics, leading the show and signing Marty’s enemies. She is his former protege and knows the best moves. Marty has always said that she can see angles that he cannot – as she demonstrated when she used technology to bankrupt a competitor casino.

Her hatred for Wendy is what drove her. Ruth loved Ben and when Wendy threatened Wendy for leaving, she called Wendy “bitch-wolf” in one of Ozark‘s most famous arguments. She had to kill her uncles in order to protect Marty, while Cade, Ruth’s father, was killed by the cartel to preserve their secrets. She understood that her interests were protected by those deaths, but now she wants to end the Byrdes. She has the manpower and money to do it.

Ozark is executive produced by Chris Mundy, Jason Bateman and Julia Garner. It stars Bateman as well as Laura Linney and Sofia Hublitz. Netflix currently has all three seasons.