Outer Banks Season 2

Netflix will be streaming Outer Banks season 2 like a tidal surge at the beginning of July. The teen crime drama will make a welcome return as it’s been one of the streamer’s most anticipated titles to make a landing in 2021.

After its April 2020 debut the show, which was about a legendary treasure and the five teens searching for it, became a hit.

Who’d have thought a series set in a coastal North Carolinian town would make such a splash? It has a lot of fan support because of its high stakes and mental energy, as well as the connection between Pogues.

Besides the chemistry between the cast and phenomenal writing, much of the show’s success can be chalked up to how different it is from other teen dramas on Netflix and TV as a whole.

The genre of action-adventure is not something that teens often explore in media other than thrillers or paranormal dramas. Outer Banks has created its niche. It’s no wonder fans are clamoring for season 2. The wait is nearly over. Here are the expectations for season 2.

Outer Banks Season 2 Synopsis

The official synopsis is available via Netflix for the second series:

Outer Banks season 2

Season Two, after their near-death escapes, finds John B. & Sarah on their run in the Bahamas. While they are back on the path to gold, new friends can also bring new foes. At home, the stakes for Kiara Pope and JJ escalate rapidly. But the $400M remains in play. Will the unveiling of a hidden truth allow the group to reunite for a new mission? Although the adventure of a lifetime is waiting, our Pogues must overcome uncharted waters to make it out alive.

Yes, this means that we’re now back in the G-game, y’all. We don’t know how long but John B. (and Sarah)’s fortuitous landing on a boat headed for Nassau, the Bahamas put them on course for another chance at the gold Ward stole.

But, the Royal Merchant treasure may not be the only fortune worth your attention. Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope in Entertainment Weekly, shared his story about the teen’s richest adventure.

This year I was very excited about the opportunity to take on this story. The Pope is a personal connection, just like John B’s last season. He spends the season making sure justice gets served. It was everything.

Are the Outer Banks hills full of treasure? It would seem so, given the way these kids seem like they are stumbling upon one quest after the other. This would be considered luck. However, these twists and turnings could have a significant impact on their lives. It’s hard for us to decide if finding long-lost wealth is a good thing.

They’re at least on the same side for this wild ride.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 Outer Bankspremieres this Friday, July 30th with a 10 Episode Drop. Each episode will run between 40 and an hour.

Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer

Check out the trailer below for the second season of Outer Banks.

YouTube video

Netflix has also released sneak peeks of the season including a clip of the Pogues finding out two special someones are alive. You can click on the next page to get a spoiler-free rundown of the content of season 2.