• Nikki Cross gives a brief review of her career and reveals what her plans are for 2021

Minutes before the special edition of Monday Night RAW begins with the special participation of several WWE legends, the company’s social networks published a video of Nikki Cross reflecting on what the legacy she will leave in WWE will be.

Nikki stated: “With all these legends around, it just makes me wonder what kind of legacy I am going to leave behind. What I will do may make me a legend and lead me into the Hall of Fame. I don’t want to be remembered as a child. Scotswoman who lost her mind or as someone’s best friend. I also don’t think I’m remembered as the first two-time WWE Women’s Couple Champion. Whatever it is, I’ll have to do it my way, as Nikki Cross. ”

“I am not satisfied with everything that happened in 2020, but the only person who can make a change this 2021 will be myself .

In mid-November 2020, Nikki Cross tried to convince Alexa Bliss to leave Bray Wyatt to return to reality. Alexa slapped her former best friend and several security members had to separate them. In the end, Alexa went with Wyatt to the ring, leaving Nikki in the ringside zone.

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