Outer Banks Season 2

Netflix has revealed a brand new trailer. Outer Banks Season 2 of the Pogues’ treasure hunt takes a tropical turn. The series of action-mystery episodes was created by Josh Pate Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke. They followed a group made up of teens as they navigate romances and rivalries on the picturesque North Carolina islands. The story continues with John B (Chase Stokes). His friends, the Pogues, are on a hunt for a hidden gold treasure worth $400 million. It is a personal mission, since it was the hunt that resulted in his father’s death.

Season one ended dramatically. John B and Sarah (Madelyn Collins) were star-crossed lovers who escaped the OBX by boarding a ship bound for the Bahamas. Sarah’s father, Charles Esten (Charles Esten), was believed to have shipped the golden treasure. Both the pair died following the treasure and fleeing authorities after John B. was accused of murdering the local sheriff. The Pogues, which include JJ(Rudy Pankow), Kiara Bailey (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss ), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss ), are still mourning the suspected deaths of their friends.

Outer Banks Season 2

Netflix quickly renewed Outer Banks for a second series after its success. Its premiere is scheduled for July 30, 2018. Netflix just released a new trailer with action-packed footage that clearly shows that the treasure hunt continues. The trailer opens with tension as Sarah and John B discover their boat, overturned, is floating at sea. They manage to make it to the Bahamas, but they survive. They continue their search for John B. while they are there. ‘s name. “We are fleeing from a foreign country. John B. pleads for Sarah’s forgiveness ,”

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The new trailer shows the couple reunited with Pogues in the tropical destination. This is undeniably emotional. They will stop at nothing to search for the Pogues’ gold. But they don’t know that Ward (Drew Starkey), and his son Rafe (Drew Starkey), still have the treasure, despite Sarah’s belief. Rafe, Sarah’s brother, is also responsible for the sheriff’s murder. John B is also Sarah’s brother. The gang is determined to stop John B from falling, reviving the contentious feud among the Kooks & Pogues.

The new outer Banks trailer also introduces the audience. Elizabeth Mitchell portrays Limbrey, an unsettling new character. Pope sees her briefly, but she insists that she will be there for the rest of the episode.” John B, not the only Ward double-crossed, “Netflix wants to increase the suspense after season one’s success. As the hunt for gold raises tensions, Netflix will keep the audience guessing with season 2. The interesting dynamic of Ward being the central antagonist is maintained. Outer Banks One of his daughters even tries to down.