The One Day At a Time series is officially canceled by Sony Pictures TV.

The production is a reboot of the classic sitcom shown in the seventies and had premiered in January 2017 on Netflix as an original program from the streaming platform.

However, Netflix canceled One Day At a Time in its third season due to low ratings.

At the time, the television channel Pop TV, which belongs to the Viacom CBS group, decided to rescue the show.

It happened, however, that even during the production of the fourth season, the series was canceled once again by Pop TV itself, which aired only seven episodes of the season, whose production was stopped due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

with so many comings and goings, Sony Pictures decided at once that it would inform the cast and the production team that there would be no further attempts to find a home to show the program and that the production was officially closed.

The co-creators and showrunners of the series Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce shared the information with the public through Twitter:

“It is officially over. There will be no new chapters for One Day At a Time, but there will always be 46 episodes that we have to make last forever. Thank you to this beautiful cast. Our dedicated team. And for you, our loyal fans. We love doing that for you. Thanks for watching”.

One Day at Time told the story of a Cuban-American family trying to live after their parents’ divorce while gaining the support and help of Schneider, son of the owner of the building who worked as a manager of the building in which they lived.

The cast was formed by Rita Moreno (from Amor, Sublime Amor), Justina Machado (The Queen of the South), Isabella Gomez, Todd Grinnell (Four Kings), and Marcel Ruiz.

Aware of the possibility of not returning to work, Isabella Gomez, interpreter of Elena Alvarez in the production, decided that she would accept the proposal to star in the remake of Uma Turma Genial, which will be shown on HBO Max.