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Neon signs were a big thing in the 18th and 19th centuries. Small and large businesses had various sizes of neon signages outside their stores. Business owners used these neon signs to tell potential customers they were available and open for business.

Several decades later, neon signs are still very much in use in major towns and cities of the world. Australia is one such country, as several businesses have caught up with the trend and are using neon signs to stand out.

What has changed since the 19th century, and how can the neon signs company help businesses? Read on to find out the details!

The 21st Century Neon Signage

The neon signs used a century or two ago are much different than the ones we find on our streets now. A neon sign company in Australia will design, build, and provide neon signs for various functions as needed by consumers. Here is what is different about neon signs in this age.

  1. Neon signs were made of glass in the past, making them fragile and easily destructible. However, neon signs are now made of LED, making them less prone to breakage.
  2. Neon signages in the past needed professionals from a neon sign company to do the installation. However, you can now purchase your neon signs from a neon sign company in Australia, follow the provided instructions, and install your neon signs on your own.
  3. The neon signs used in the past were rigid and inflexible. With the flexible nature of the current neon signs, you can mold them into different shapes and designs.
  4. The past neon signs were heavier to run on electricity. However, these 21st-century neon signs are more energy efficient and pose no harm to the ecosystem.

Why Neon Signs are the Best for Your Business

Every business hinge on visibility. How can you make sales or profit when customers can’t find your business? You can take steps to put out your business to reach customers and show them all you have to offer. One of those steps is to take advantage of the great visual tool that neon signs are and help your business grow. Here are other reasons to consider owning a neon sign for your business.

A chance to stand out

Logos, banners, flyers, and signposts are popular business advertising tools. While there are regular fonts, colors, and designs, you can be unique with your approach by using a neon sign instead of the common themes.

Neon signs are typically brightly colored, and your signage gets to stand out in a space with fewer colors. This way, potential customers see it much more easily, and you get more consultations and, eventually, sales. Your logo, business name, and tagline can all be made with neon signs.

Low maintenance

Have you ever noticed that people who purchase neon signs tend to use them for years without needing to change out blown lights? This is because neon signs need little or no maintenance once adequately set up. They do not go dull at any point; hence, your logo and advert remain standing for as long as you wish them to stay.

Several Design Options

As mentioned earlier, neon signs are flexible. Hence, you can make them into different shapes and designs to suit your business needs. Thus, you do not have to be stuck with only shapes for your business adverts. You can make phrases or favorite quotes into neon signs and put them in various strategic positions in your business space.

Low Energy Consumption

As a business owner, your primary focus remains to minimize operational costs and maximize profits. Doing these things will include choosing options that make you spend low amounts of money but provide the best results.

Neon signs, unlike traditional sources of light, consume low energy. Hence, you can have your neon sign running for an extended period, which does not compare to how much electricity a regular light source would consume.

As a business owner, choosing neon signs with low energy consumption is reasonable. And thus, it is cost-effective.


Neon sign companies have experienced growth in size, popularity, and revenue in several countries. Australia is included in the equation, as the use of neon signs for businesses in Australia is growing.

A neon sign company in Australia helps to make neon signs available for businesses who need them for increased visibility and customer attraction. Hence, if you have a company or a personal need for neon signs, check out this neon sign company in Australia, and make the best choice of neon greatness.