The Office of Special Projects was without a permanent operations supervisor for some time. NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 has the answer.

Nell Jones, Rene Felice Smith, took over temporarily for Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt), who was MIA while on an unknown mission in Season 12. The former analyst then left NCIS in its finale. Hetty was able to return, although Hunt was absent due to the pandemic. However, she is still in the middle of something. What does this all mean for OSP’s leadership in the future?

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Production Has Finally Begun!

The production manager Rick Tunell shared some encouraging news while fans wondered if season 13 would continue on the same production schedule as the previous season. Rick Tunell announced the plans for season 13 a month before it was over. Rick shared a photograph of the hallway of an apartment block in the final week of June and stated that the “production office is open again”.

It’s an area that many fans remember because it was in season 12’s “Imposter Syndrome”. The fans shared their excitement for the next run as soon as Rick posted it. Although Rick did not provide any additional information about production details the above post indicates that filming is expected to begin this month.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Who Will Return?

Gerald McRaney who played the role of Adm. Hollace Kilbride in the Retired Adm. Hollace Kilbride was promoted to series regular. Gerald has been a regular on the show since 2014. Now, we’ll see more of him during the next season. R. Scott Gemmill, the executive producer, said that Kilbride is a beloved part of the CBS drama series and now they are looking forward more to seeing him.

Chris O’Donnell’s Grisha Callen (Grisha “G”) Callen) will be back along with LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna and DanielaRuah as Kensi. Linda Hunt will star as Henrietta Lange. Eric Christian Olsen, as Marty Deeks, will also join them. Caleb Castille’s Devin Roundtree will be joined by Medalion Rahimi’s Fatima Nazamazi and Medalion Castille’s Medalion Rahimi. Unfortunately, we will not see Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) or Rene Felice Smith (Nell Jones) as these long-running series regulars have left us.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: What Will Happen Next?

The finale showed that Nell was promoted to Operations Manager and was given Hetty’s job. Eric turned her down, so she refused to take the job. Hetty is now on hold. But it won’t happen any time soon.

Gemmill has also suggested that there may be a loophole. Gemmill stated that they could bring back people, which could mean Nell can return. Deeks and Kensi are still searching for a family. Anna and Callen would be in a tough spot.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 13: Release Date!

It is too soon to know when season 13 might return. NCIS Los Angeles Season 13 has been added to NCIS’s 2021-2022 roster. It could mean that the next run will follow the same timeline. Therefore, season 13 is expected to return in October. However, we will need to wait until then for an official announcement.