The popular series CBS, NCIS LA, opened its season early November 12 showing the return of Nell Jones to cover Hetty Lange found in a secret mission. But if Nell came back, what happened to Eric Beale?

Recall that Eric Beale did not appear in many episodes of NCIS LA season 11, as Hetty sent him on a top-secret mission. But, the reality is that it was actor Barrett Boa, he took a break from the series.

For that reason, the actor’s character was not in the premiere or the next four episodes of season 12. But will he return?

Despite not having been in any of the first five episodes, Eric will be in season 12. Eric will join the rest of the team at NCIS Los Angeles this week, on Sunday, December 13, on the episode “If The Fates Allow.”.

Although his return does not appear in the official episode synopsis, Eric can be seen in the teaser promo for the sixth episode of season 12 of NCIS LA .

In the clip, a shadowy figure is seen walking past NCIS headquarters with the narrator saying that there is a “special gift for the holidays.” After removing the hood, it is revealed that the figure is Eric who cheekily asks, “Do you miss me?”, To which Nell smiles.

The return of the actor and his character means that they will cover some gaps that are being left with some characters from the series.