The arrival of James Harden in Brooklyn and, above all, his first game with Kevin Durant has triggered expectations around the Nets, who overnight have become the great aspirants to dethrone the Lakers from the throne of the NBA.

Sean Marks, general manager of the New York franchise, did not hesitate to play it all for the NBA MVP in 2018 and has brought together one of the most talented trios in the history of the league. And also the most expensive. The salary of the three stars of the Nets amounts to 114,824,220 this season, according to Hoopshype.

A three-player payroll that is just $ 350,000 less than all the Lakers spent ($ 115,181,883 on 17 players) on the roster they won the ring with last season at the Orlando Bubble.

The Nets ‘all-star trio, who will earn 120 million next season and 127′ kilos in 2022-2023, will cost the Brooklyn franchise more than the total salary of four full NBA rosters this season: Knicks (93 million dollars), Thunder (96), Hornets (106) and Kings (110). And they will only charge three million less than Atlanta, Boston, and Detroit.

Harden’s arrival on Steve Nash’s team has seen the Nets surpass the $ 108 million that the Warriors once paid Durant Curry and Thompson as the highest-paid trio in NBA history. Now it remains to be seen if like that one, Brooklyn’s new Big Three also ends up with two rings in its possession.