My Life Is Murder is one of the best TV crime games on Acorn TV. After just one episode it was clear that the show needed a second season.

It took some time, but eventually, we had some good news. My Life Is Murder Season 2 is happening. Acorn TV shares plans for a 2021 release. Sure, schedules can change, but we’re looking at a new season by any means.

Release Date

According to an official advertisement for RLJ Entertainment, the second season is currently on its way to production. Recording photos from Melbourne, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand, Lawless remains in the lead role. Ebony Vagulans will also be part of the second season, which will feature 10 episodes. While pre-operation is underway, the recording has not yet begun. The good news is that once you are ready, the filming should take place without any problems because of the way New Zealand has handled the epidemic. There should be no need to delay the series.


It doesn’t look like they will be joined by Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey, played by Bernard Curry. With the change of the world that would make sense, but it would be disappointing. There will be a lot of cases to please and challenge Alexa. This is the season we should expect. There may be new friends along the way, but we’ve seen that everyone can be a suspect. Don’t trust anyone new.


 Alexa finds herself involved in forcing new murder mysteries focused on lovely and dangerous characters who will challenge, play with love, and frustrate Alexa… and sometimes threaten everything they care about.

There may be new friends and places to explore, but Alexa’s health is still very much in jeopardy. Ably assisted by the cheerful Madison Feliciano (Ebony Vagulans), Alexa is ready to use her power and restore her amazing style all the time in this beautiful, funny series. A stunning new town, ten new forced crimes, and one unstoppable police officer… Let’s start the games.