Move to Heaven Season 2

Move to Heaven Season 2 cast, review, evaluation and released date is now announced. The first period of this series was a massive success and it’s no wonder that they have been renewed for another season. In this post, we’ll go over who’s been cast in the role of God, what folks are referring to in the series so far as well as when you can expect the new episodes to air on TV.

When Will Season 2 Of “moving To Heaven” Release?

If Netflix renews” Transferring to Heaven” to get a second season, the episodes will likely premiere sometime in 2022.

Move to Heaven Season 2

What is the plot?

Move to Heaven is a Korean drama starring Kim Soo-Ro, Sung Yuri, and Wang Bit-Na. The story revolves around Joo Young (Kim) who has got the capability of second sight. She can see through people’s ideas as well as make her movement to change their future for better or worse. However, because she often gets involved with other people’s affairs and ends up ruining lives by intervening, she decides to quit using her abilities at all costs.

The show follows Joo Young on her journey from being a normal college student trying hard to not get involved in others’ company into somebody who slowly learns that there are lots of things where good cannot prevail without bad occurring also; where you might want something but that which you don’t need is on the opposite side of it.

Move to Heaven Casts

We guess there’ll be no change in the casts of this play since the role of the main protagonist in this drama is awesome and the way he does acting is superb.

  • Lee Je-Hoon as Cho Sang-Gu
  • Tang Joon-Sang as Han Geu-Ru
  • Hong Seung-Hee as Yoon Na-Mu
  • Ji Jin-Hee as Han Jeong-U

Can you watch Move to Heaven season 1? How do you feel about it, how do you enjoy it, and what’s your prediction for season two just drop it below.