Move to Heaven Season 2

Move to Heaven television show is a drama made by Netflix Originals. The tv show was proved in the Netflix media services provider on Friday, May 14, 2021. There are zero episodes in the first season. Lee Je Hoon starred in the television show Jo Sang Goo.

Move to Heaven Season 2 Release Date

‘Move to Heaven’ season 1 was released in its entirety on May 14, 2021, on Netflix. The very first season comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 45 to 60 minutes each. As far as season 2 of this series is concerned, here is everything we know. Unfortunately, there’s no update on ‘Move to Heaven’ season 2 as of today. Neither the showrunners nor Netflix has yet commented about the renewal of the show, so fans will need to wait a little longer.

Usually, Korean dramas are wrapped up in one season and do not go on for another season and beyond. Most K-dramas just have a singular season and are created like a restricted series. There are just a few shows that end on a cliffhanger, maintaining a window for next season open. In the season finale Move to Heaven,’ audiences witness Joo Young escape the clutches of law enforcement agencies, and it’s likely the antagonist will want to exact revenge for the downfall of his empire.

Moreover, by the conclusion of the pilot period, we also learn that Na Mu is in love with Geu Ru, possibly opening doorways for numerous conflicts. Therefore, it seems like the renewal of’Move to Heaven’ is only a matter of time. When it’s greenlit for another season in the Summer of the year, we can anticipate the move to Heaven’s season 2 to hit our screens sometime in mid-2022.

Move to Heaven Season 2

Who will be seen in the updated season 2?

Some unexpected members may also combine the next season of the TV Show. Lee Je Hoon will return as Jo Sang Goo along with Tang Joon Sang as Han Geu Roo. As well as Hong Seung Hee (Yoon Na Moo).

Move to Heaven Season 2 Plot: What Can it Be About?

Season 1 begins with Sang Gu accepting Geu Ru’s guardianship inspired by the chance of financial gain. But by the conclusion of this first season, he forms a deep emotional bond with his nephew and no more on longer has some ulterior motives to be together with him. To get back his home deed, he decides to step back into the dishonest boxing ring and possibly risks his lifetime. It shows his loyalty towards Geu Ru. By the end of the episode, viewers understand that Joo Young manages to eliminate following the illegal gambling ring is exposed by the police.

In season 2, we could anticipate Joo Young to return as an antagonist looking for revenge against the uncle-nephew duo whose activities resulted in the downfall of the gambling ring. Season 1 has beautifully captured the battles of Geu Ru with Asperger’s syndrome and although his growth has been remarkable, it remains to be seen how his character develops from here.

We may get to see a different side to him and his loved ones confront new challenges and enemies. Moreover, since Na-mu has feelings for him, their relationship is very likely to develop in the upcoming season. The conflicts which will arise from their love will be interesting to watch.