Who has not heard of one of Netflix’s best shows “Money Heist”? Most of us have and it will not be erroneous to say that almost all of us have observed the first four seasons of this series. If not, I would recommend you to go and see it because the season finale is all set to release soon!

“Money Heist” Season 5: Release Date

The Netflix thriller series arrived with its very first season in 2017 and there’s been no looking back since then. Seasons after seasons this series increased our fantasies with its incredible story, suspense, excitement, and performances.

“Money Heist” Season 4 has been dropped in April 2020 and in August 2020 Netflix announced its fifth season. But with that, the streaming platform also struck our hearts by announcing that season five is going to be the season finale of this collection.

So after the renewal, the creation started with a bang but it met a series of delays because of the pandemic crisis. Currently, the production is finished and the production is taking it into the post-secondary phase. Although it’s certain that”Money Heist” Season 5 will be published this season, but when?

As of now, we have not heard anything from the official sources about the release date however looking at the speed of the production we could expect it to drop by the latter half of 2021.

“Money Heist” Season 5: Plot

Many men and women assert that one needs a brain and a good taste in content choice to fall in love with a string like”Money Heist”. And we can’t help but agree to it.

Because a series like this is rarely made and therefore is one of its kind. The twists in the series are those that it gets difficult for us to understand what is going on at some point. And that is probably what makes this series worth all of the hype.

The series has a very simple concept that’s been executed in a complicated way. Our protagonist or antagonist(it is possible to decide on this!),’ The Professor is the reason for a robbery from the Royal Mint of Spain.

The planning of the prosecution was performed as such that even the cleverest of the clever will hang his head in shame. In the previous season, we found the prosecution plan was being executed but the cops made their entrance. Professor has been caught in the eye of inspector Alicia.

So the fifth period is going to be an interesting one. Being the season finally, the audience can understand whether the Professor will triumph in the robbery or when his plan fails.